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What would you do if you caught someone stealing your motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by tokin, Jan 9, 2008.

What would you do if caught someone stealing your motorcycle

  1. Sneak back into the house and call the cops

    19 vote(s)
  2. Try and knock the robber out and call the cops

    17 vote(s)
  3. Beat the robber senseless then call the cops

    58 vote(s)
  4. Shoot the fucker in the knee caps and call the cops

    27 vote(s)
  5. Shoot to kill then call the cops

    50 vote(s)
  1. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

    Imagine this:

    You walk into your garage, see someone someone stealing your motorcycle. It is 100% obvious what they are doing. They have a truck backed up to your garage and a ramp on it and they are working on getting a screw driver in the ignition.

    What would you do? Its just you and him. Alone in your garage.

    Personally I would take a hammer to his chrome dome but thats just me.
  2. I'd wake up and wish that I had a garage....

    or...if someone was stealing the rebel....fuggin take it....

    or...if someone was taking the vfr.....fuggin take it....

    then I call the cops.

    most people are gonna bitch out if they are stealing and you come towards them anyway.

  3. sneak back in call cops, grab firearm go back hold hostage..............JOhn
  4. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

    Also a good option.
  5. Well if I still had a gun. I'd take it out with me and hopefully scare someone off.

    But for now.. I'd wish I had a tougher dog that wouldn't just greet them.
  6. KCander

    KCander El Duderino "Old Timer"

    I have no idea how I would react. I actually thought I guy was stealing my bike once, I was a ways away, walking toward it, it was dark, and it looked like he was backing my bike out of a parking spot. Turned out his bike was a similar color, so it just LOOKED like my bike he was on from a distance. I remember my heart rate instantly went through the roof and I started running towards the guy/bike. I think I was going to tackle his ass as I didn't really have anything to use as a weapon, other than maybe my helmet. I barely had taken a step when I realized it wasn't my bike, though, so I'm not sure how it would've turned out!

    If it was at my place...well, my girlfriend was in the army, she'd probably just cap the guy and call the cops before I could even react. Ha ha!
  7. Greet him with a gun. If he "attacked" me I'd be forced to defend myself.
  8. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    I like Caio998's answere
  9. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    Bust his ass. He'd have a few 9mm holes in him.
  10. to me the bike isnt worth shooting someone over unless I really felt my life, and not my bike, was in danger. Id let the pitter out and let him get the ball rolling for me while I stole the guys car keys. Then id come back for my piece. Ive always wanted to pistol whip someone now that I have a pistol with some weight to it.
  11. I would start helping him...chances are he would be so freaked out he would just run away.

    Chest, chest, head works too.
  12. but what is the legality of actually shooting someone for that in washington. i don't know and that why someone is still alive to this day. last winter i found a guy in my shed with the two bikes and i just chased him off at gun pint.
  13. tokin

    tokin Hello Kitty Fan

    Wade's gun shop in Bellevue has a class on the legalities if you have to shoot someone.

    I'd imagine it goes something like this:

    "If you have to shoot someone in your house, shoot to kill because he may sue you later"
  14. I'd rather not say.... seeings how if what ever I write here could be used against me if the body is ever found.
  15. If he didn't know I was there, I would sneak back in and call 911 then arm myself with one of the many handguns (or more likely one of the shotguns) in my home, but NOT re-enter the garage. I will also ensure that the other 4 members of my family are upstairs as far away from the situation as possible (and wife also armed).

    I hate thieves, but as said above, the bike's not worth elevating the situation to a level that may get myself or my family killed. I'm a damn good shot and have had plenty of LE training, but part of that training is not to escalate a situation when you don't have to.... who knows if he's got a partner just outside that I didn't see.... so yeah I cap the guy at the bike, but his buddy gets me... not worth it. I'll sit in the house with the gun aimed at the door to the garage and wait for police to catch them in the act.... would be a pretty easy catch in my neighborhood.

    But if they dare come in that door..... I won't hesitate to terminate their existence.
  16. That's about the time, i would hope i had a urinal full of my dads piss (i dump it constantly in the garage sink...also i dump bags of dirty watch out....I'll sewerize yo as*). Throw it on him and lock the door. Grab the shotgun and then call the police.

    Nothing like being pissed and then getting the perpetrator pissed, literally. Let him think about all this while it dries to his clothes. If i survive, i'll have 15 minutes of fame on the evening news.

    Probably why nobody goes through our trashcan either. All they'll find is bags of shi*.

    happy hunting.

    That would be funny, wouldn't it? realistically, i'd lock the door, grab the shotgun and then call the police.

    Click, click...don't make me go boom. Okay, i'm not that badass, but it's fun to fantasize.

  17. There's an age old saying: "I'd rather be tried by 12, than carried by 6." When it comes to protecting human life, I'll do what needs to be done and take my chances in court if I wasn't 100% legal. As for property though.. that's why I carry insurance.
  18. MCA8690

    MCA8690 McLovin'

    I've always been the one to say I'd shoot someone if they ever touched my bike, and it was an obvious theft attempt (now all I need is a, but I've heard a couple times recently that it's illegal to defend property with lethal force, especially in cases of theft where your life is not being threatened or at risk.....
    Real-world example: some guy Mid-West had a property, his 2nd home, that was hardly ever used. Turns out that since it looked abandoned, people kept breaking in and stealing shit. Well the owner camped out one night in the house, and shot an intruder (with multiple felonies to his name, high @ the time, ETC!!) IN THE KNEE/LEGS. The owner was hidden in the dark, and did not announce himself to the intruder, nor did the intruder know he was there, prior to shooting him. The intruder survived, because the owner called an ambulance and the police.
    After recovering, the intruder sued the homeowner, and the damages totaled several million, even though he admitted in court he was breaking into the house. The owner had to sell all of his assets, including BOTH his houses, and cars, etc., and still lives in debt to this court judgment.
    That there would prob. give me a second thought before pulling the hypothetical trigger, but no doubt the gun would be out.
  19. Do you have a reference for that tale? Not calling it untrue, but *most* of the midwest states that I've lived in allow you to shoot, no questions, for an intruder INSIDE your home. Hell, in TX you can shoot them fleeing, in the back, out on the front lawn. :)

    also... first thing you learn in ANY weapon training.... if you pull the weapon, be prepared to use it, and ALWAYS shoot for center of mass and shoot to kill.
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