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whats highway 202 from portland look like?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by Aaron S SV1000s, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Im riding from Portland to Astoria today and plan on taking the 47 to the 202 anybody know what the conditions of the 202 are last time I was out there it was pretty bad. Thanks
  2. Between Jewell and Astoria, the road is bumpy. Cut down Hwy103, then west on Hwy26.

  3. Ok thanks. Didn't wanna take the 26 but I might have too.
  4. galenernest

    galenernest I bathe with candles, flowers, jazz music, and rub

    I heard that they've recently repaved the worst parts of 202.

    I'd take 202 to Astoria even in poor condition over taking 26.
  5. Don't know if you'll get this in time, but for what its worth. Curveaddict, Twiggie, and myself rode that same route on Wednesday. Most of the route is 'same old same old' except just west of the elk meadows. ODOT has been doing a lot of road repair in that area, and you'll soon start encountering stretches of fresh asphalt followed by a nice stretch of road that's been completely repaved. They have pretty much fixed the worst of the worst. It is so new that they haven't fully painted it yet (no fog or yellow lines). Just small double squares to show the center line. My only real complaint is that they didn't continue the repaving to the west. So, there still is some crappy pavement in certain sections, but nothing that is really long or slows you down too much (I would still recommend taking it easy in those sections), and those sections are relatively short and the road eventually smooths out as you get close to Astoria (just keep your eyes out for the occasional rough spot, but nothing too bad).

    Hope you have a great ride. Stay safe.
  6. Sweet that's what I thought it would look like I was really just kinda concerned about road construction an getting stoped alot thanks every body 202 here I come
  7. I didn't get on here soon enough to answer you. So how was it?

    I rode 202 four times in one week a couple of weeks ago. I loved it in spite of the bumps between Astoria and Jewell. I was starting to worry about the condition of my forks, and I pretty much finished off a rear tire by the end of that week. It had about 2300 miles on it.
  8. Yes! Please report! 202 is my least favorite road in all the Kingdom!!!:scared I soooo hope it's rideable now!:mfclap:
  9. On th way home wendesday they just got done repaving the worst part between Astoria an jewel I thought the rode was in really good condition an plan on getting back out there for a ride soon just to ride it there an back.
  10. Good news. I'll have to check it out now!
  11. A group of us rode 202 yesterday. I can confirm that parts of it have been paved fresh. There are still some rough spots, but it's much better than it was. I might do it again today.

    One of our group did encounter a rock hazzard in a turn with his front tire. The rock was about 3-4 inch diameter. For the most part, the road is clean, but obviously, there are still obstacles to watch for.
  12. The Astoria section has been pretty dead lately. I have something to add.

    I just rode 202 this evening before dark. It's been smoothed out in spots, and there are still spots that need work. The biggest issue right now is the gravel and rocks. Since the Hood to Coast run, a lot of those nice, smooth, newly paved twisties have rocks and gravel kicked up from the thousands of people who drove along the shoulders. If anyone in Astoria has access to a street sweeper, or knows how to get one out there, it would sure help. Some of the rocks on the road are the size of golf balls. Otherwise, I had a good time. It was my first ride wearing my new (used) leather race suit. I hope everyone is getting some ride time in before the rain starts again.
  13. Went from Astoria to Jewel back in mid August. Liked that section a lot, even with the bumpiness.

    Started SE from Jewel, but it got very not interesting right away with long boring straight sections.
    I turned around and went back through the fun parts again.

    It may be better closer to Portland, but it was getting late.

    tl;d ride
  14. You're correct that it straightens out a bit from Jewell to Mist. It's still a lot of fun as long as you're going 80+. From Mist to Vernonia, it has some fun spots. My favorite roads in this area, bordered by Hwy 30 and Hwy 26, and between the coast and Portland are listed below. These are not in any order.

    1) Hwy 202 between Astoria and Jewell. It's bumpy, but they're fixing it. Since Hood to Coast, watch for gravel in the corners.

    2) Hwy 103 from Jewell to Hwy 26. It's only 9 miles, but the pavement is smooth and the corners are awesome. Just watch for the tight 90 degree turn near the south end.

    3) Hwy 47 from Mist to Clatskanie. 13 miles of awesome twisties. Watch for log trucks.

    4) Apiary Rd from Hwy 202 to Rainier. Most of the twisties at the north end, but plenty of sweepers to the south.

    5) Scappoose - Vernonia Hwy from Hwy 202 to Scappoose. I haven't found any flaws with this road other than it's so far from my house.

    6) Caanan Rd from Deer Island to Apiary Rd. It's about 25 miles of good turns. I've only done it once, but plan to go again soon.
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