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What's up with you folks in Washington?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Norainy, May 9, 2012.

  1. A missed turn and target fixating :sad:

    PORT ANGELES, Wash. — The Washington State Patrol says a motorcyclist and a state trooper both drove off an embankment during a high-speed chase Tuesday evening near Port Angeles.

    The crash killed the motorcyclist, 35-year-old Bjorn Robert Larsen of Port Angeles.

    The trooper, 37-year-old Travis Beebe of Port Angeles, crawled from the wreckage with minor injuries and was treated at a hospital.

    Trooper Russ Winger says the chase began on Highway 101 when the trooper tried to stop the motorcyclist for speeding. Winger says the biker raced off, reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour.

    The chase ended when both vehicles failed to make a turn on a local road. The cycle landed 50 feet from the road. The patrol car overturned and was totaled.

    -- The Associated Press
  2. Didn't have their starbucks that morning.

  3. Hope the Trooper is okay

    anyone can run fast in a straight line, it's maintaining that speed in a turn that gets ya..
  4. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member


    There is a better way to handle these type of situations on the enforcement's side.
  5. gixxerjeff

    gixxerjeff emw2k9 beer pong champions

    what??? oregon state troopers dont crash their patrol cars while chasing after motorcycles???
  6. A life is lost because they chose to run rather than accept the ticket.... I am glad the trooper was alright, he may need some remedial driver's training though.
  7. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

  8. It's the BBQ sauce.
  9. the trooper didnt do that on accident ..... lol he was just trying to make sure that the motorcyclist didnt get away by flying through the trees. so he followed
  10. Wow. Bummer.....
  11. Sure. I blame the cop too. The LEO should have just let the guy go on his merry way. Who cares if he later hurt or killed some innocent person, broke into another home, or stole another bike. I'd gladly sacrifice my life, liberty, or property so guys like the rider can be free to express themselves criminally. Instead of "protect and serve" we can have "turn the other cheek". I feel safer where's my drum.
  12. I'm pretty sure high speed chases are more dangerous to the runner, the officer and EVERYONE ELSE around the chase. Safer thing is to grab the plate and call it ahead or pick them up at home.

    I thought WA had a limit on how fast LEO's were supposed to chase someone?
  13. Maybe his bike was having issues? Like stuck in gear? 90 MPH, that's sounds like stuck in second gear to me?:scratchea

    Just sayin
  14. Next time you break the speed limit (clearly a gateway to burglary and grand theft) do you intend to kill yourself?
    Why in the fuck does this thread exist?
    You fucks cracking jokes should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Oregon breeds fucking stupid.
  15. WAS THAT TROOPER DRIVING A JUKE???? I hear they're good for stuff like this..

    It would make way more sense.

    Seriously though.. How is that not manslaughter?

    I realize the guy was speeding.. but if a crook can break into your house and sue you for damages when you shoot them.. how is the cop not liable?

    If the cop couldn't negotiate the corner then he was either undertrained.. or going too fast for conditions.. failure to maintain control of vehicle..
  16. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    Come talk to us with the sort of idiocy you just typed after you watch some asshole cop, that cant figure out how to use a radio, plow into a family of four and kill the mother and both children leaving the father to live the rest of his life with the aftermath.
  17. The last time I broke the speed limit and saw flashing lights behind me I pulled over. Maybe its just me, but that seemed like the reasonable thing to do.

    Now ask yourself why someone would think that the better option would be to risk his life and liberty and the lives of everyone else on the road by trying to run. Keep in mind that the rider was 35 years old, so the young and really, really stupid excuse doesn't work.

    Typically, folks that flee have a damn good reason for doing it. Usually, that reason has something to do with not wanting to go to jail. You don't go to jail for a speeding ticket. You do tend to go to jail for major felonies. Thus, unless the rider was seriously unhinged - a possibility - it was reasonable for the trooper to suspect that this guy either had felony warrants or was in the process of committing a crime when signaled to stop.

    Given the choice between letting someone possibly dangerous just go about his merry way and chasing him, I'd rather have the trooper give chase until such time as the chase itself presents the greater hazard. If they were in a congested area or if there was a lot of traffic, I' might be more inclined to agree with you. Given what's been reported so far, this doesn't seem to be the case.
  18. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    HA! Your line of reasoning is laughable at best; in that case we are all fucking guilty of something. Who said anything about letting the rider express himself either?

    I did not blame the cop, but getting the plate number than going back later to pick the perp up, is the ideal way of doing this. Not spurring someone who is running, to run faster, endangering other innocent bystanders, is probably the way to go.
    Last edited: May 9, 2012
  19. How does that help when the bike/car is stolen? There is a reason to give chase, and departments have guidelines when it should be called off. Doesn't mean the officer always applies those guidelines, so if it was determined he didn't follow protocol he may be reprimanded. But a blanket "no chase" policy is absurd. If I had a penchant to "run" and knew the cops would just try to get a plate and let me go, I'd take the plate off every time I got on the bike.

    And am I the only one who read Cletus' post as sarcasm?
  20. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    He was from SoCal and forgot we dont have news choppers assigned to high speed chases.

    Whats up with you dumbfucks in Oregon?
    Have to use a tragic situation to try to slam this superior state?
    Its called 'wit'. Either ya got it or you dont. You sir, are in the 'have no clue' category.
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