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Wheelie help

Discussion in 'Westside' started by SeaBeeAre, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    I'm new to this forum, to riding for that matter. I bought a cbr1k to learn on, and want to learn how to do wheelies. Some people make it look real easy, I read some stuff online and watched a few videos, but as soon as I get the front wheel a few inches off the ground, I want to poop myself. Maybe that will go away after a while, but I still want to learn.

    Oh yeah, one time I did a pretty good one, for me anyways... :tard: and I racked my nuts on the tank when I came down. I had to go home after that one! lol

    Is there anyone who is good a wheelies that would be willing to teach a new rider?

    I live in Lynnwood by the way.
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  2. Oh this thread's about to get good! Lol. Wait for it.....
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  3. Learn to ride your bike first.
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  4. OK, I can ride it, then what?
  5. Then learn to control it and not be so new in it. You ride a liter bike. Front end should comevup with a flick of the throttle.
  6. It does, it just scares me because I don't know what to do after it comes up, or how high it actually is.

    Unfortunately, I have such limited time to ride because of my schedule and where I live (too much rain) that I can't wait around forever.
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    We'll introduce you to the joys of technical riding. Once you have that down wheelies will be easier. If you're starting on a 1000RR you're more likely to loop a wheelie than you are to get good at it, so while your bike is still in one piece you should try to get good at other aspects of riding which will make you a better all around rider.
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  8. :angry7:
    OMG!!! do we have to do this again? You are joking right? You posted that just to get under every ones skin, right?

    If you are cereal?
    Let him have it boys!!!!

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  9. Devil1

    Devil1 Blingaphobe

    Man you guys get trolled easy.
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  10. Go get a dirt bike and do your wheelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. 1st post= Im a noob and I bought a liter bike as my first

    2nd post= wheelies

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  12. Are they easier to learn on? Dirt bikes never really appealed to me.
  13. winner! No feed trolZ
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  14. I hope real life is easier, I did score 5918. I saw the video for that on youtube last week, it's funny.
  15. I wasn't sure what troll meant, thought you were just called me names, but then I googled it. Are you saying that I am evoking an emotional response from you guys by asking for help? I sincerely would like to learn to wheelie because it looks awesome. Sometimes hot chicks give me a the wheelie sign and I can't do anything about it, kind of sucks.

    Also... I'd bet that a lot of people would like to ask for help just like me, but probably are afraid to if they they see others treated like tards just for bringing it up.
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