Where do you get a Sasquatch burger?

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by LilNinjaLVR, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Bigfoot Burgers on the way to Johnston Ridge I think.

    Or Big Al's on 164th.

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  2. are you doing the cafe to cafe contest?
  3. Good call on Big Al's

    there is a strip club called Acropolis that has a huge burger that they suggest you split with the table, and great steak.

    Don't forget good dancers
  4. You dont go to acrop for the dancers... least the ones i seen lol the steak is good!
  5. I said Sasquatch not sqwasnatch! But I do love a good strip club!
  6. This thread got me thinking about porno password on "The cable guy". I lol'd
  7. if you are near olympia wa try tugboat annies big ass burger will feed 5 adults easy:headbang:
  8. that day we did the Klick loop with jeff, matt, trayson and everybody there was a "bigfoot" burger at that mom and pop greasy spoon we had lunch at.

    somebody got pics of it... but I dont remember who.
    :scratchea :rant
  9. ya i remember the pic. The bun looked like a foot right?
  10. +1 on the Acropolis! Great steaks too!

    Looks like I need to make a trip to Tug Boat Annie's.
  11. Yes! That's what I'm looking for....the bigfoot buns!
  12. The little restaurant in Glenwood
  13. Ask and you shall recieve.

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    You mean this thread isn't about hamburgers, but is instead about some sick foot bun fetish? :scared

    Ordinarily, I'd call nasty shenanigans, but oddly, I'm OK with it. :shock:

    Carry on. :devil:

    Oh by the way Devin, that picture makes you look like Dr. Zoidberg. Just Saying. :evil4:
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  15. ding... ding... ding... we have a WINNAH'

    :mfclap: :mrgreen: :mfclap:
  16. Where'd you get that burger???
  17. Once more
  18. Thanks! Can be a lil dense at times!

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