Where to have a jacket repaired

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by swivelheadd, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Anyone know where I can have a textile (maybe kevlar?) jacket repaired in the Vancouver, WA / PDX area? I have an old Joe Rocket jacket with the stitching coming undone in a lot of places. Economy has me looking to repair as opposed to replacing it.
  2. PM Desvio on here or look for olde tyme sewing on fakebook.

    Dude does great work and is a stand up guy!
  3. I'll give him a holler. Thanks for the lead.
  4. Tinkerbell over at Love's Leather can fix anything, usually while you wait.
  5. if it was leather I'd say Miriam, but yeah... either of the above are good choice.


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