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Where to park for a week in Astoria?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by JohnMc, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Hi all
    I'm hoping someone can help me out with a parking problem. I need a secure location in Astoria to park my truck and bike trailer for about a week (Aug 1 to 8 )
    Heres the story, I'm driving down to Oregon at the end of the week, bringing some girls to a basketball camp in McMinnville.
    While they're in camp I'm going to spend the week riding the PNW coast. My bud from Vancouver Island is riding down and we're meeting in Astoria Sunday evening August 1. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price but I'm not too confident in leaving the truck & trailer in a motel parking lot. I've never trailered my bikes before so this is a first for me...

    Any suggestions and/or contacts would be appreciated.

    Thanks, John
  2. Need more information on the basketball girls.

    Grade school? No suggestions
    High school? No suggestions
    College? We can talk
    Semi pro? Most likely I can help
    Professional girls? I'm your contact crackup:

  3. Just stay at Annies..............
  4. I've got a couple of ideas. PM me if you haven't found a solution yet. My house would work, but I'll be gone part of the time you're here. I have other friends who ride that might have more secure storage solutions than an unfenced house, and I know of a commercial location that has plenty of space with employees working 24/7 to keep an eye on it.
  5. Thanks for the replies gents
    Norainy - don't know what to say...:bonk
    Coastie Pete - Whats Annies ? A B&B ?
    A109Driver - I was hoping to hear from another guy in Astoria but the email I sent is unanswered. I'll pop you a PM
    I do need a motel/BB for Sunday Aug 1 night and Sat Aug 7 night. We're planning on camping the rest of the time.
  6. Just googled Annies & Astoria Oregon - Not a B&B!
  7. Lol Astoria isnt too bad of a place I wouldnt worry about parking he truck and trailor too much.Not a bunch of hoods around here yet....I vote park it in front of Annies also haha
  8. I've spoken to a couple motels & they're not to keen on giving up a parking spot for a week, even with a couple nights stay and a few bucks for the week. In town I'm more concerned about the local deputy ticketing or towing.
    BTW, the wife seen the Annies suggestion & googled it. Boy did I get told where not to park :rant
  9. I answered your PM.

    I wouldn't park at Annies either. I wouldn't even want to be on that end of town. :scared
  10. Talked with Judy at North Coast storage this morning. She's going to open the gate for me Sunday evening so solution found. Thanks for the help. If you see a Bumble Bee Valkyrie with AB plates around next week, that'll be me
  11. I might have a few days off during that time frame. Give me a call, my number is in my profile. If I don't answer just leave a message. I don't typically answer numbers I don't

  12. Hey Ron, I talked to JohnMc on the phone a couple of nights ago. He's getting a disposable phone for this trip to avoid roaming charges on his Canadian phone. I don't have a number for him yet, but he's supposed to arrive in town tomorrow and stay at the Rivershore Motel. I'm working, but I'm planning on stopping by there to meet him on my way home from work tomorrow (Sunday) night. He's starting his ride Monday morning. His truck and trailer are going to a storage facility during the ride. I don't know if he'll be online before he goes, but you could either meet him at the motel, or I'll give him your number when I meet him.
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