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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Squidward, May 28, 2007.

  1. going for a ride on the 101 later today after i get off work, and i want to know which ferry to take accross the sound

    i want to get to highway 101 and head south and through shelton and olympia and back up north to seattle

    from the maps it looks like the edmonds/kingston ferry is the one to take

    there have been a few people on here that have taken a ferry accross and ridden down...so im sure someone knows for sure
  2. arcane

    I Ride:
    Pretty much right, or you can go different ways to make things interesting...

    How long do you want to be out?

  3. Yep, kingston it is. bout 100 miles from ferry to shelton, another 100 from sheltom to seattle. WSP training area is on 101 near shelton, fyi.
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    And not just on 101. They are thick as theives on 106 and hwy 3
  5. 100 miles...shelton? seattle? wtf?!??! naw i just playin

    im not going south when i get off the ferry, im hauling ass north and AROUND the national forest, maybe even take SR112 as a detour...ill see how my ass feels about it

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