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who is a shower dodger?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by wavygravy, May 21, 2010.

  1. i ride every day its not blowing sideways, & some of those days too when i gamble, whos doin sunday? it looks like the only window for us weekend guys?
  2. I may but not sure yet....

  3. took a short ride today , gave the 70 year old neighbor lady a good scoot, she used to ride with hubby back in the day & hasnt forgotten how & she took the turns quite well! we got caught in a downpour on the way home, she got off & was thrilled to death & gave me big hugs for makeing her feel alive again! all was good today!
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  4. Dr. E

    Dr. E Theoretical Propagandist

    Wavy...I rep'd you for that. One of the kindest things I have herd in awhile and the memories you brought back for her.
  5. Yeah, thats awesome.My grandma is about the same age and always asks me to take her for a ride on the R6 but I dont think it would be too fun for either of us....haha I might have to bust out my dads sportster and give that a try because it would be way more comfortable.She used to ride and she has been wanting a bike since I got mine but I dont think it's a good idea because her reflexes are slowwww.She can barley drive a car haha
  6. My mom is 66. I gave her a ride about a year ago. She did well and loved it. She wanted to know when she could get one. She had a boyfriend years ago who would take her for rides. She enjoyed it.

    I've got to work this weekend. Ride safe or you'll meet me the hard way (when I pick you up with a Life Flight helicopter). Have fun.

  7. cougar hunter???
  8. one of my greatest thrills is to give someone a motorcycle experience! im 52 & have lived through a lot of motorcycles & raceing ect! i have a long line of cycleists in my family sence the conception of velocapedes & bi-cycles as it were & have literally ridden more bikes than most & less than some, to pass the creed of adventure & freedom of mind & soul on to others has always been my soul purpose in life because i love it heart & soul! im not a big money guy & twiddled a lot to make my cycling happen but i was never without a bike in all those years!! from moped to harley & everything in between you all rock & we are as one, just remember your brothers & sisters here & now remember the ones who have laid down there lives in the name of rideing & adventure carry on the creed!! rock on brothers & sisters rock on!!!
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