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Who's riding today?

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by 95gst16g, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. I just hope the weather stays nice all day because I am going to ride to work.....Anyone else have plans to ride today?Tell us about your rides!
  2. I just got some brand new tires put on today, but I think I'm going to wait to ride on them after the roads dry up. The film on new tires makes it slick enough in the dry. Don't need to be laying the bike down.


  3. 40MPH+ Winds today w/ gusts up to 60+. I'm not riding today. :(
  4. New tires! How did the stands workout? Did you have to adjust them?
  5. Yeah,I had new tires too....But it was nice and I rode I was just hoping it didnt rain on me.It just started to sprinkle a bit on the way home.I got lucky!
    P.S.....What tires????
  6. :angry7: stupid weather on saturday.. last weekend of spring break... blows i wanna ride.:banghead:
  7. Yes,that does suck.I just got my endorsement so I can ride legally and the weather has been nothing but shit.....I wish it would just get nice already!
  8. I'm going out soon...headed towards Astoria...anyone who wants to go for a ride gimme a call:

  9. ^^ I'm meeting him in Warrenton. My number is in my profile. I think we'll be heading south. Maybe hit Hwy 53 before it gets dark.
  10. Rallynz met me on 101 near my house between Warrenton and Seaside. We met up with beachrydr in Seaside then headed out for a ride. We didn't even start till about 7:00pm. It was a good time. We went out 26 to 53. Took 53 south to the Miami River Road. We went south on Miami River Road and turned around at Garibaldi to head north again back up to 53. By then it was getting dark so we went a mile west and took 101 back to Seaside.

    Thanks for coming up with the idea Nick. It was unforcast clear weather this evening and we took full advantage of it. That was the first time I've got to go for a ride with Jarom too. Let's do that again sometime, and maybe we can start a little earlier next time.
  11. Damn I got off work at like 8pm or I would have totally went thanks for the text anyways Nick.Hope you had fun.I am going to the wolf lodge this weekend but I took Monday off too so if it's nice maybe we can go on a ride?I think I am coming home on sunday so I should be able to fit in a ride on Monday.
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