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Why are Supermoto helmets different?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by blakegaston, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Why do Supermoto/MX riders wear helmets with a bill-thingy, and goggles?:scratchea
  2. Quack quack, because we're tards.

  3. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    'Cause they look cool...

  4. To go with the dirt bike/off road theme da! Lol
  5. air flow.

    low speeds, heavy breathing.
  6. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    the bill helps keep the sun/ branches from your eyes.

    and they look fucking sweet!

    well shit... now i need one of these. orange xd4?!?! yes!

  7. also, because retards need special helmets
  8. +1
  9. I can't tell you how many times I've saved myself form going blind...

    I usually take off my goggles about half way through anything... we never wore them as kids..


    Hauling ass in the wet, on some sliperry narrow trails.
    Trying not to be a pussy

    Round blind corner
    1" viney maple at eye level

    Look down quickly
    Branch slaps visor
    Look back up as quickly as possible

    Try not to loose the ass end

    This one it's dry.. but watch from 2:30-3:30

    I'm wearing the shift helmet. Watch how close my chin gets to the handlebar in the middle of those bushes.. The visor is pushing them out of the way and I'm just trying to see what the front tire is doing.
  10. Less weight, and better peripheral vision are the obvious.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

    Fucking SICK.
  12. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    agreed. but not $700 sick.

    TRAIL BOSS Defiler of Threads

  14. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Visor to protect from branches and rocks, goggles because shields do not vent well enough. When I had my 500 2 stroke, my friends bought a lot of new visors! :)

    I also dig the orange XD4!
  15. I want the Arai as well; I just can't justify the cost :(
  16. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    the solid color ones are a bit more reasonable at around $550, but that's still a lot of cheddar.
  17. That's why I bought my second Quantum II in a solid color instead of with graphics like the first. Saved a few hundred bucks. Still not cheap though :tard:
  18. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    agreed. I buy most of my helmets online now. ebay has them for around $200 less than local stores. I bought my first arai at cycle barn and have kept with them now that i know the size.

    when fitting dirt helmets, i went to all my local spots and found ONE that fit me in my price range. so i bought it then.
  19. Ignore the guy in the background ;p (not me)Same as mine but im not at home to take a picture of it, I like this one and its only 370 :D

    Icon Variant Construct with gold visor. They come with a clear and dark one too.

  20. Not only do they look cool and go with the theme like said above... but this.

    My street helmet does not have enough ventilation and will make you real uncomfortable, real fast.
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