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Why did I get this bike? '94 VN500 build

Discussion in 'Projects' started by nemisis714, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. I logged on to PNWRiders at work one day during break to check what's going on that day on the forum. I check the recent threads, than decide to look to the right side at the classifieds. Suddenly something catches my eye, the word FREE. I check it out and it is a free '95ish VN500. Even better? It's one of my friends giving it away. I respond to the thread and shoot him a text, sure enough, I was the first one to respond so the bike is now mine! :mfclap: Fast forward to about 3 hours ago. I head up to his house to get the bike, and sure enough, it is under a tarp and hasn't been licensed for something like 6 years.... and it definitely shows it's age.... rusty/pitted suspension, siezed cables, carb is probably gummed up or need a cleaning, needs a new pair of shoes (tires are probably about 13 years old). The bike also needs a new master cylinder and brake line as well as getting the seat re-done (probably get wyckedan to help me with that one). This hopefully should be a fun project to mess around with to get the bike running and safe again. Than the plan is to hopefully sell it to a friend to get them on 2 wheels. :mrgreen:

    Edit: also a bonus, IT CAME WITH A KEY!!!!!

    I managed to grab some cell-phone pics at the gas station on the way home:

    (and to answer the question before if and when it is asked, yes... the bike was last lisenced in Hawaii)




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  2. That's quite the project you've got there. Planning on doing the Desert 100 on that one instead of the last project you had? ;-) Have fun, get a manual, and take lots of pictures

  3. Desert 100 would be a blast on this new project :secret: And I might have to hit you up to make a new cover for the seat... the vinyl is old and cracking

    I plan on taking a lot of pictures to keep people updated in case they have any input or tips for me along the way.
  4. Just a quick update for tonight:
    I pulled the side panels, the sissy-bar thingy, the radiator reserve and filler cap covers, and the gas tank (which I still can't seem to open). I did that, and called it a night, though I did manage to peek at the spedo to get a feel for the mileage on the engine..... it has just over 38k miles on it :scared oh well, just another challenge to deal with.

    Next time I get to the bike, I will try to remove all of the spider webs and get the airbox off so I can pull the carbs off to start taking them apart.
  5. Another update:
    Pulled the airbox, front brake line, and the carbs.
    Here are what the carbs look like, the same goes for the rest of the surface of the engine... probably salt water induced oxidation. (sorry its a shitty cellphone picture)
    I actually expected to find the carbs full of gunk and in need of a soak in berrymans dip... when I popped off the bowl, here is what I found


    Not much in there, though I will still get a rebuild kit to make sure all the jets and gaskets are fresh.

    When I pulled the carbs, I decided to look down the intake to see if anything was down there.... turns out that a little water is trapped on the closed valve... is there anything I should be worried about with that? Does that indicate worse problems with the engine? :scratchea
  6. Just got done rebuilding the carbs, had a fun time getting everything out and cleaning it. Next step will be to replace the stater with the new one (old one lost/cracked a few magnets) and see if the bike will start after getting a new battery and plugs.
  7. :popcorn:
    Maybe you'll get lucky and the insides will be fine? I'm running a 85 GS1150 motor that sat for 13 years outside under a barn lean-to.
    Works great.
  8. Carbs were clean, which surprised me considering there is about a half tank of gas sad the general condition of the surfaces on the bike.
  9. My GS motor had a broken side cover so all the oil drained out, which concerned me. Turns out it didn't matter.
    I think it was the fact that the air box and filter were intact so nothing got inside.
    If I opened up the carbs to see what you have I would be dancing a jig I'd be so happy.

    Maybe they ran in dry before...???... storing it..?? in the........ nice dry heated clean garage?:scratchea
    You're going to need fork seals.........sorry....I'll stop.:stir:
  10. No, No... keep going, nice to have input on this project.
    I have new suspension coming to me from fleabay. The new ones don't have pitting on them... unlike the ones on the bike right now. I Just need to replace the stator and button her back up and see if it will turn over... than I will just need a new battery and see if it will start up.
    After I KNOW it will start, I will start making it look prettier and get all the dirt and crud off the metal bits to shine it up :mrgreen:
  11. Fixt it for you.
    Tubes look really surface rusted. You'll be going through a lot of seals if you don't change them.
  12. Update on progress:
    I replaced the stator, got new airbox boots, re-installed the carbs, hooked up a few hoses, and cleaned it up a little bit.

    Using a makeshift gas tank (the tank off of my brothers EX500) I managed to get the bike running! I will do a few more little things to it tomorrow and let it fully warm up. Than my next little project will be to unstick the clutch plates... :mfclap:

    Does anybody have any suggestions for breaking clutch plates free without opening the clutch side of the engine?
  13. Ride it? Rear wheel off the ground and work the back brake? Or start it with the front wheel hard up against a wall with both feet planted on the ground?
  14. I might just try that, though it is not licensed yet... Though the police never police the road near my house :thefinge: I might just need to take it down the road once or twice :mrgreen:
  15. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    That's what I did for my Dad's old bike. Center stand, hold rear brake, work the clutch a little at a time.
  16. Sounds like a great idea, but cruisers tend to not have a centerstand... And I do not have a rear stand that will work on it :angry7:
  17. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    So use some blocks.

  18. The clutch wont disengage? I would assume that's the problem?
    Yea, get it on some blocks or whatever. Start it in gear and pull the clutch in and try the rear brake. I remember having that issue with something years ago. Have no idea which bike it was.:scratchea
    It was before I know any better.:tard: I think I just banged it into gear with the rear wheel in the air. Not the smartest way to get the job done but it worked. I would recommend a different tactic.8)

    glad to here it runs anyway.
    Not seeing any new pics.:dry:
  19. Smart-alec :nana

    I will find some blocks to put it in the air than, put my brothers tank on again and try breaking the clutch loose.

    Video of it running coming in a few minutes.
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