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Why do Motogp guys take their foot off?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by ezzywave, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. ??? Iv'e been watching the Motogp races on TV this year and notice some of the racers taking their inside foot off the peg before the turn. It seems to me that it happens while they are braking.

    Why? :scratchea I can't imagine any benefits...
  2. I've heard two things

    One to move more weight to the front tire.

    Two because it's an old habit.

    It's a debated topic.

    Let the drama ensue

  3. What's really fun is watching not-so-fast track day people doing it out at PR cause they saw it on TV once. :mfclap:

    I will say that when the fastest of the fast guys are doing it....there must be some mystical advantage coming from it. Not even sure if Rossi knows what that is though. It just seems to work for him (well, except for this past weekend :angry7: )

  4. So true....I totally lol'd when I read this as it was crossing my mind as I read it. crackup:

    I watched an interview where Rossi said he wasn't sure why he started doing it, and wasn't convinced that it actually did anything. He figured it was left over from off season motocross riding/training and was a comfort thing....
  5. it was only once...and i did it on accident....geez
  6. From Michael Czysz

    "My best understanding for the “dangling leg” and its benefits are primarily to lower the CG and secondly move the CG inward.

    The CG of a road racing motorcycle is relatively high, compared to a car or drag bike. This high CG aids us in loading and expanding the contact patch (thus grip) of the rear tire under acceleration and the front tire under braking. Under “pushed” conditions the pitch can become excessive and thus limit the rider and motorcycle read wheelie and stoppie.

    If you have ever experimented with ride height it becomes immediately obvious that the lower the rear sits (higher the front) the harder you can brake. Another example of CG effecting pitch is that it is easier to wheelie a motorcycle standing up than sitting.

    So if you needed to find another 1-2% on the straight and thus needed to brake later thus harder you may be able to do so (assuming you are not partial to having your feet on both pegs while you attempting an impossible late braking maneuver) by lowering the CG.

    Moving or swinging any mass to the inside helps to counteract the natural trajectory of a bike at speed which is to continue straight.

    As you notice this is utilized primarily on left turns as on right turns the right foot is busy depressing the rear brake (which also helps pull down the rear lowering the CG)" --- MICHAEL CZYSZ
  7. Alright, what I read was that it helps Rossi feel more comfortable braking deeper into a turn. Maybe those other guys copied him or something. BTW Donny I'm gonna be a WMRRA novice next year too.

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    quoted so you can't deny & thread subscribed.

    on topics - i do it cuz the breeze feels good on mah bawlz.
  9. This thread is useless with out drama and boobies
  10. Dick.

  11. Guilty :tard: Other than giving me a cramp and making upsetting the bike a bit, I didn't notice any change.
  12. You're on your own regarding drama.....

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    +1 more pos rep on this...Dang...this thread went off the chart right there!
  14. Now we're gettin somewhere here :mrgreen:

  15. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    I employ a similar technique: Every time I brake excessively deep into a corner I crap my pants, minutely decreasing my CG, therefore allowing me to brake deeper into the turn and hold my line. The follow up technique is to hover slightly above the seat for the rest of the session so as not to squish the poo.
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  16. First you have to be short enough to hang your leg off the bike so I dunno.

    When riding a dirtbike you hang your leg off for several reasons but I notice that having it out when entering a corner the bike will track in better. Feels that way anyhow. If you keep in its harder to be as precise at hitting the entry. Possible that can apply to the pavement.
  17. Rossi actually spoke in an interview about putting his foot out and said he didn't even realize he was doing it at the time. Oddly enough, a lot of the MotoGP riders are now putting their foot out too.
  18. Yep, the current issue of BIKE magazine has a Rossi article where he claims it helps him brake. I, too, think he may have started doing it to mess with the copycats or as just a bit more voodoo juju for the floppy eared wonder from down under!
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