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Why I Hang My Helmet in Oregon

Discussion in 'Eugene Region' started by wileycoyote, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. McKenzie View

    I had Spincycle follow me with my new GoPro (The Girlfriend bought it for me for my birthday, she's the best).'s my first motorcycle video production.
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  2. Shame I got into motorcycles after I moved out of Springfield, that road looks amazing.

  3. NICE! ...I'm going to make a run right now :mfclap:

    You did good on your first video production.
  4. Yeah, it is Camp Creek. I'll show that one soon. Both roads are 5 - 10 minutes from my house. Even if I only have a 30 minute window to ride...I've got 2 great roads to choose from.

    Thanks...I'm still elated that Liz bought the camera for me for my birthday. :mfclap: She's only put one stipulation on it...she doesn't want to be forced to watch all of my footage. crackup:
  5. I'm looking for some fun roads to take my bro-in-law on in your area. That one just made the short list.
  6. There are plenty more & we're still discovering them. Spincycle & I just found a new one yesterday. Let me know when you'll be up here & perhaps we can show y'all around.
  7. I plan on coming up on the weekends when the good riding weather gets here. He's looking at getting something soon. He's pretty experienced (we're both in our 40's), recently transplanted from Australia. Your Bike nites are on Friday, right?
  8. Man I miss the roads up there.That use to be one of my favorite loops.Try Fox Hollow to Territorial.Its a ton of fun!
  9. 2nd Friday of every month @ 6:00 pm
    Warm Season Location

    Sonic Drive-In
    2043 Olympic Street
    Springfield, OR 97477
  10. I can't wait to start making ride videos with my new Gopro. I will definitely be posting it here for all to see. Good job on your video.
  11. I'm totally jealous :rant
  12. Listen to that awesome vacuum cleaner like Suzuki smoothness!!
  13. What jc2000 said. 2nd Friday of the Month. Next one is May 13th.

    Those are good too & I'm sure I'll get a video of them this season.

    Thanks. The awesome thing is when you're actually editing your footage, you get to experience the ride again...and again...and again...

    Yeah, I actually work from home for a company in Seattle. I've constantly got people that I currently work with (and some whom I've worked with in the past) trying to get me to move to Seattle. This road is one of the reasons I don't. And there are many more like it practically in my back yard.
  14. I live in Seattle originally because of family presence and a poor economy, but now it's my life. However, most of my wife's best friends live in Oregon, the weather is warmer, more good riding roads than Washington. I'm guessing we move to Oregon come retirement.
  15. You forgot green Subaru wagons... lesbian man haters..
  16. Cool. I decided yesterday that I wasn't feeling good enough to go to work. I did feel good enough to put a little over 300 miles on the bike though. Some of which were on HWY 34 :whistling: I'm feeling much better now!
  17. That's what the deal was with the 4 of us on Wednesday. We were sick...couldn't work. I think they call it Sun Fever.
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