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Win $50 at the Passenger Pickle Toss at hOOters bn Wed Aug 15th at 6p

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by Chandita, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. The Owlympics continue at hOOters on Wednesday, August 15th at 6 p.m. This coming week's event is a Passenger Pickle Toss. The most professional pickle handler/rider will win $50!

    hOOters Bike Night is every Wednesday night starting at 6 p.m. Welcome to all bikers and bikes! Outdoor seating and motorcycle parking on the east (casino) side of building.

    16208 East Indiana Avenue, just east of the Spokane Valley Mall off the Sullivan exit. Please share with fellow riders and come try out our new menu!
  2. I uh...might...want to skip this one?

  3. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member


    Don't you know the significance of the pickle?

  4. I just know that there's some really good pickle handlers out there. :tard:
  5. I'd like to volunteer as the pickle to all female passengers heavier than my bike
  6. Overkill, you rock! :)

    Washing pickles for you now!
  7. Congrats to Brad (BluesBrothers) for his mastery of the Passenger Pickle Toss!

    Ah, the pickle innuendos were endless tonight! Good times! :)

    A few pictures on fb, more to follow.
  8. Mr. Pickles approves of your post!

  9. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Pictures. (A link to Facebook: seems you need to be logged in to see the pic.s.)

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2012
  10. It was really nice to put some faces with some avatars finally. Glad I finally dragged my procrastinating butt to an event! Always a good time meeting good people.
  11. Your new screen name? crackup:
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