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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Cab, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Had to share. I finally got the lady to take the team oregon class. She completed that, got the endorsement and I finally got a motorcycle that I would like riding if she decided that it just wasn't' for her. We take it home, ride it around a few times myself and she just keeps looking at it, tells me it's not fair that I get to ride her bike. Of course I follow that up with it's ready to go and you are legal, lets go for a spin. So last night I finally get her out on it! She is a bit shaky on starting from stopped, but she did well for her first time. So today we go out again, this time her dad comes with. we take more back roads, and again she does well and a little better this time. We get back and she says that she totally loves it and wants to get back on and go again!!! At this point I'm pumped. I have been trying to make this happen for a while now, and the fact she really likes it and is pretty good right off the bat, I'm stoked.
    I must say, today has been great! I just hope it continues like this. :mfclap:

  2. Congratulations and well done! Good riding to you and yours.
  3. Cool!!

    What bike did you get for you, I mean her?
  4. That's the dream man. Trying to get my girl to take the team Oregon next march, maybe start her on a scooter or maybe even the hondamatic I am working on right now.

    Good times await you.

    Glad to see some Salem people post still haha
  5. Thanks for the nice words. It has been great, she is super excited about riding now. I think she is starting to understand why I was always trying to squeez in a ride here and there and am pretty much obcessed with motorcycles.
    As far as the bike I got its an 01 Ducati monster. It's been great so far. But I think I am going to get her a different seat that sits a little lower. She has short legs I guess. I will post some pics later this weekend.
  6. Pics of the bike or the legs?

    (Sorry I couldn't help myself, you just lobbed that one out there.)
  7. If you're lucky, you'll get what I did (well, that too, but get yer mind outta the gutter).

    "We" bought an '07 GS 500 back in '08, only had like 1800 miles on it, for the wife and I to share. She had taken the MSF basic course a couple years before, so had her endorsement. First nice day, I took her to an empty parking lot to practice on it, and she wound up riding around, having a blast, then having me drive her car home, following her on the bike.

    She was going on and on about how much fun it was, and she'd forgotten how much she liked the class, etc. So when I pointed out that it was supposed to be a shared bike, and I really wanted to ride too, the next words outta her mouth were: "Oh, alright, let's go get you a CBR." Two bikes, about a month apart. The CBR was brand new.
  8. Gateway drug man:

    Passenger with me> Honda CM185T>Team Oregon>Suzuki GS850>CBR600F>Taking my 600RR out...

    Now I have to keep my bike disc locked, not for thieves...

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