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Winthrop 10/6 or 10/7?

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Watchmaker, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. I just brought my 14 back out of storage today(the 250 is broken at moment!)....and thinking to run over to Winthrop this weekend if anyone is interested in cruzin along?...thinking to do this tomorrow(10/6) as its going to be the nicest day this weekend, or so they say!....but would also entertain sunday if there is more intrest....
  2. Hmm...I just might join you on this one what time you thinking about heading out?
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  3. Lets do this, hopefully at human wake up time.
  4. Maybe in ,But on Amy's F2 My front tire is Gonzo:angry7:
  5. what say meet up @10am at sehome starbucks...if this is ok with ya'll?....if not throw your ideas out there!!!!...I just want to get out and ride!!!
  6. My idea is you on Amy's F2 and me on the 14:evil4:
  7. crackup: thats going to happen!
  8. 10am= human time I am in
  9. cool...then 10am Oct 6 at sehome starbucks it is.....would like to be rolling by 10:15-10:20am at sun goes down @6:30pm......and always seem to get back late from these for anyone wanting to join us from the south we could meet at am/pm in sedro around 11ish.
  10. I'm down, just as long as I can get my bike back together in time
  11. Freakin drill weekends....grrrrrrr
  12. OH man I'm so in! S#!T!!!!:angry7: Tire.
  13. Damn you and your Saturday rides..SUNDAY!!!
  14. Had a good time up until my oil cooler blew on the way back
  15. I was a good ride, hope you guys had fun in Winthrop.
    Thanks West
  16. was good ride...glad you made it out Mike.....
    Tom, you need to get that oil cooler taken care of before any more long rides!....was cold ride home tonight!.....once the sun goes down....bbbrrrrr
  17. Wish I coulda made it, any group pictures to go with this thread bacon: Was that T/A still there.
  18. sprung a leak on way back....
  19. I also have some video I'm going to try and get done today as well....
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