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Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Watchmaker, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. has been a long while since I have been to if I can get oil changed in time this coming week, I plan to run over next sunday(Aug 5 2012)
    will most likely be a mild pace as I'll be on the old and slow ZX14....
    plus I keep hearing about Popo up on dont need any awards!...

    will meet up @ Starbucks in Sehome for poser points @ 9am 8-5-12
    will chill for a some bs'ing...then roll out around 9:30.

    if it desides to rain, for it is the pacific north wet...then ride will be canceled....
    but as it is Aug, I think we should be a go!
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  2. also plan on grabbing lunch while there..........and maybe a few beers to steady my nerves on way back!......:ninja:

  3. It has been years since you were ...In... So you are automatically
    Counted out.Oh ya I am out too I am going crabbing.
  4. I layed my bike down on I-5 last week. I'm out.....Injuries were minor thanks to a minivan with good brakes. Missed all other vehicles thankfully. Another year I'll miss the monkey butt. :x
  5. no takers? be an awesome day for a ride.....not to many left for the year!!!!!!
  6. also................may be one of the last rides with the 14 before I park it till next spring and put it up for sale!.......
  7. Eric and I made plans to ride to Winthrop this day like 3 weeks ago. We're riding over, staying the night and riding back Sunday. A sort of mini-vacation. Maybe we'll run into you on the ride over.
  8. I'm riding over on may see you on way over or back.....thinking to grab lunch at 3 finger jack's....
  9. Bluuu

    Bluuu Señor verde

    I'd love to go, but I'll be leaving the gorge (sp) that morning and likely heading up fs25...don't think I'll make it on time.

    Have an extra helping of lunch for me and please schedule another one of these runs in a few weeks.
  10. wow, that's not good. :shock:
  11. Yaa we have never heard this beforecrackup:
    I call just a little B.S.You love ole Red too much:mrgreen:
  12. If I can get the new chain on the bike, I may tag along
  13. after is for sale!.....
  14. Damn weekend shift...Weekday ride some time to test the long range on the new weestrom?
  15. Is this a smash and grab ride? Or, a look at all the pretty sights ride?
  16. In. If I drag my ass out of bed that early.:fallinga:
    Trying to get used to working nights again and so on.
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  17. pretty sights?....I did not realise there was any on this road?.....:scratchea
  18. get your ass outta bed and ride!...will be an awesome day!
  19. Does 20 take you out by Diablo Lake? I have lived out here for over 10 years and have never been out that way...