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Witnessed a bad crash today!

Discussion in 'Eastside' started by flynhawaiian, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Another good reson that we as riders should always keep our :shock: eyes open,thank the man upstairs theses two riders were ok today!!!! Myself and some friends where fueling at fighting creek smoke shop on 95 today, when we heard the tire squeal of a full dressed two day old beautiful Roadking and looked up in time to see him drive into the side of a silver compact car that had just pulled out in front of them.:angry7: All of us at the same time where shocked :scared and where already running for them hearts pumping and hoping for the best.It's an amazing thing to see people pull together in seconds to help from flagging traffic,to getting blankets,calling 911 ect.....The driver of the bike did the best he could and I feel saved his and his girls life....they where both conscious and doing well with I think minor injurys! Get well soon you two! So keep your eyes open peeps and ride safe, God Bless us all!
  2. glad you were there to give a helping hand. you are a great friend and a great all around guy!!

  3. A terrible story with a happy ending. You should sleep well tonight.
  4. What was up with the people in the car?
  5. Damn man, it's that "No motorcycle in my eyes" syndrome. :angry7:
  6. HIA (head in ass) disease on the cagers part attributes to more motorcycle/car collisions.

    At least the rider and passenger are OK.
  7. :thumblef:good job my brothers :thumblef::thumblef:
  8. Not to jack a thread, but I just heard about a bike under a car downtown.
  9. Good on ya for helping out. Any updates?
  10. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    I hope you gave your contact information to the cyclists. Fucking douchebags in the car will probably try and say the motorcyclists were traveling at excessive speeds or blah blah blah blah. Be there for them all the way and make sure the truth gets out there!
  11. It was a old couple 60-70 maybe older felt bad for them to ...don't think he'll be sleeping tonight! And yes I think he just wasn't looking for a bike kinda thing is what happend...God bless them to!
  12. great job on helpin' out!

    glad the old folks are ok.
  13. Flyin- I want to thank you for helping out my friend and his girl. He also says thanks. He has 3 broken ribs and his girl has memory loss. Thanks again.

    Here is the pics of the bike. Before and after


    Last edited: Apr 11, 2010
  14. Yep thats the bike!.......Wikis will always be there for fellow riders your welcome!
  15. Hey my brothers just wanted to say thanks for coming to our side this weekend. We are a both going to be alright. A little busted up, but thankful to be alive!!! the bike was new just rolled out of lone wolf harley davidson the day before, I had stopped a few miles prior and put my helmut and leathers back on (saved my life) Thanks again My brothers & sisters:mfclap:!
    Tom and Kellie
  16. Guy M

    Guy M (Washington) City

    Glad you two will be okay. What a terrific response from flynhawaiian and friends! Awesome.

    I always worry 'bout my lady when we're riding together - something we both enjoy tremendously.

    Regards, Guy
  17. We are so glad you two are doing well!! That was a sobering sight to witness!! And thank god for that forewarning instinct!!!:smile:
  18. WOW...Thank God for the gearing UP!! Always ride with protection. I am so glad a Wiki Familia was with you, fellow riders know what to do to keep you safe when you go down.

    Sorry on the ride but a life is not replaceable!! God Bless you all.
  19. Way to go Wayne and company! :mfclap:

    Sorry to hear that car pulled out in front of them. :shock:

    Lucky they are!

    Tom and Kellie, I certainly hope you both have no lasting issues from your injuries...

    Best of luck to you both too and safe journeys, Always...
  20. thanks everyone! you have all been great! tom & kellie
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