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WMRRA 07-14-12 "The Ridge" Saturday's Novice Race VIDEO

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by GPaddict, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Got some novice race video ready from "The Ridge", this is from Saturday, Sundays race will post little bit later.
    Was lot's of fun, and weather worked out just perfect for the novice race:
  2. Looks good! You're way faster than me, don't get me wrong, but your line through 1,2,3 needs a bit of work. I just spent 2 days straight studying every inch of that track and watch some incredibly, incredibly fast riders ride it. (i'm not claming to be an expert by any means so take with a grain of salt) Let yourself drift a little wider on the exit of one and your turn in point for 2 will be a lot further out, this would let you get on the gas way harder and quicker through 2 and into the transition of 3.

    Through the carousel you were making a lot of steering corrections, commit to a double apex, find some reference points and stick to it. You seemed like you were turning in too tight at first, early apexing and had to correct to avoid just following the inside of the track.

    In turn 8 same thing, but the difference in 8 is it doesn't have to be a double apex, run wider left for your turn in point and it can actually be done as a single arc which can result in a killer drive out of it into 9 which will blow people away (I see you like passing people through 9)

  3. Cool vid. Damm it looks like a lot of riders on the grid, Do they have like 2groups start at once?

  4. O i know my lines are way to tight, almost everywhere, gonna work on that, i still remembered my last visit at "the ridge" wmrrra race ( didn't ended good), so i was a little coshes, but promise to improve for next Ridge round :mfclap:
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  5. Its 2 wave start, was 37 riders from wmrra + i know 2 from Cali maybe more + Oregon
  6. Great video! Where did you finish?
  7. I finished 9th
  8. Very cool. Awesome video and great race.

    I can't wait to ride that track - I was there for TOR Sat, but it was canceled due to an incoming storm. Holy crap, turn 3 looks intense.
  9. Great video!!!

    and finally someone who has good taste in music, very nicely done!!!
  10. Tx bud, can't make everybody happy, good to know somebody likes it :thumblef:
  11. I know at least 2 were there from Oregon lol. the gixxer that was ahead of you in the beginning (til you cut the video asshat, I was curious if you were gonna pass'em or if he took off on ya haha). and also I know there was a blue r6 there.
  12. At the start you can see blue R6 behind me and the gixxer he took off, on the video i cut out boring stuff, just left action where i got passed and where i was passing, was a lot of passing especially on Sunday. FYI. Sunday almost passed that gixxer you talking about haha, i was one lap short - will get him next time :mrgreen:
  13. I see your braking point is a little more conservative heading into the corkscrew this go round .:mfclap:

    That's a shit load of riders on the track, true moto2 conditions.:devil:
  14. Ya it was lots of riders, but you dont feel then you on the track. Was cool to see that Oregonians stepping up :thumblef: and few guys from Cali. The corkscrew you call still had a little after taste for me after previous Ridge round so i was taking very easy there, my goal was to finish:mrgreen: . Check it out my Sunday race video was even more passing, acualy was most fun race for me ever, maybe because i did my fastest times that day :evil4:
  15. What kind of times were you runnin'?? I was hopin' to start racing next year if I can work out a reasonable budget.

  16. Shut.The.Fuck.Up!!!!1!
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  17. Mike, you'll be more than fine with your times. The real question is, what do you plan on racing with?
  18. Donny is spot on ! Be predictable keep your line and you r fine, just pick your weapon of choice. I'm doing most track days and Race weekends out there if you out there and need any help go true some stuff find me there #800, ill be happy to help on whatever i can. Its fun to see more bikes on the grid this way you are racing and not just doing laps :thumbrig:
    O ya - budget, get your race license and come to play its not that much more then a track day (at first:) )
    This is my brake down: Track day fee or race fee almost the SAME, you will need one tank of gas for ether one track day or race weekend - SAME, tire takeoffs i was running 6 days of track days race days use combine about $80-$100 for tires you dont need new ones, food beverage - SAME, having camera for your memories on your bike while racing - PRICELESS !
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  19. That's where the budget comes into play.....................:mrgreen: I'm tryin' to save enough to get a beater race bike.
  20. Thanks Vaidas. We met at the OPRT trackday last week and the racing bug keeps crawling back into my head.
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