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WMRRA 08(11/12)12 "Pacific Raceway" Novice Race Videos

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by GPaddict, Aug 20, 2012.

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  2. Disco balls!

    Well done, Vaidas!!!! You've came along way from the guy who didnt know how to do clutchless shifts a few years ago. Great job on the video!
  3. Congrats on the personal best time. Nice vid again.
  4. Hi Greg, when are gonna show up at the track?
    Disco ball :mrgreen:, thats how novice and not just novice role these days ok, makes it cozy. Hey and stop embarrassing me here, that was very long time and one of my first track days so give me a brake crackup: come to play at the Ridge its sick track !
  5. Tx, Saturday i thought i'm so slow, didn't even feel that i did '32, i thought i'm in '36 and everybody just slow down for me, but apparently not, was grate.
  6. Your entry speed into 2 was awesome. You made alot of passes there. I dont think anyone was slowing down for ya. looked like you earned it to me.
  7. not a track rider but at 11:11 on the first vid looked like the guy you were lapping didnt see ya and almost clipped you! right after he swung way wide like an 'oh shit' move...

    like i said, not a track guy so maybe he was just exiting the turn wide...
  8. You're probably right on. There are some huge differences in speed in the Novice class, and often times they have no clue that we're coming up on them to lap them as WMRRA doesn't use a blue flag. One of the reasons why I'm trying to get out of novice as I've had a few close calls.
  9. Looks like a blast tho!

    I would love to bring my vfr to the track!
  10. That looked like fun. Sorry I missed it... next round.:mrgreen:
  11. Well, I told you I'd check out your vid.... some good action! looked like tons of fun
  12. Vaidas, I love your vids, the music and engine GREAT!!!!

    ( one of my fav songs now is from your vid at the Ridge NOEL SANGER "One more time" its's my track day song!!! LOL )
  13. Dang you got my heart pounding.... Nice vids!!! Thank you for posting!!! :) I especially liked watching you pass Chase in the first vid (don't tell him I said that. :p) . I checked the results and you had the fastest times of 1:32, and it looks like he crashed out sat? I last raced in '09 and almost went to the last race weekend in aug, but it kills me to watch and not race. So expensive. But after watching you guys, I want to sell all my posessions and get the heck out there before the season ends. I miss it so bad. It's in my soul.

    I don't know any of the novices, besides that one (unfortunatly, ha) but you "novices" look really good out there! Yes novice can be scary. I noviced in 06 and graduated (ON an SV so I know what it's like!). I felt so much better in my own class.

    Hope to meet some of you all and now I REALLY hope to get out there before my heart explodes!!!

    BTW You saved the wide turn from Sat into T3, nice ;) and your enterance into T2 looks good, exit looks really good, but when the guys were chasing you down into T3, holy crap that caught up to you fast. That one is my forte. I gun it then whip my SV tail usually since the back gets light, (maybe because I know there is run off)... then again, I have had guys and a girl spill right in front of me there, and a friend highsided and puntured his spleen (and an ex highsided and crashed into his friend bad).... ehh, who says Motorcycle racing is safe anyway. ;) Nice podium too!!! My goal was to beat my best time. Eye on the prize. lol ok, bed time.
  14. You need a track bike asap.
  15. Good job Vaidas! Picked em off one by one, like you knew what you were doing
  16. I have one :mfclap:

    Racing, tires, time, all that stuff costs $$
  17. Tx guys, that weekend was so much fun, weather perfect, no red flags, it was few crashes but corner workers did grate job on cleaning up fast, and no hard injuries.
    On that first vid 11:11 actually its me who almost clipped that guy i did not expected him to go that much to the left that's not the line you go true that turn so then hes started getting closer and closer to me i thought to my self that's gonna be tight :) and it was, i almost clipped cone on the left and our elbows where almost getting to know echether:mrgreen: well but thats what you call racing and i was on the mission :evil4:.
    You mentioned you not a track guy, you should try a track day, there is no racing, a lot safer then streets and more fun!

    Super_MeowMeow, if its in your blood you know its gonna stay in your blood, so just put some gas in, get some tires and just go, you know you wanna go fast! you said you don't know any novice but Chase, find my bike there #800 stop buy and say sup.
    We bin talking with some guys about speed differences in this years novice, it looks like there is a lots of fast novices this year but there is and medium speed racing to, so there is some good racing for everybody.
    O ya, about T3, i was not crashing there or something just that turn came on me bit faster then i expected :), if you so my previos round video at PR i took runoff in T3 ( i called "sturbux drive true" crackup:) so on that race i told to my self there is no way i'm gonna do that again, because last time i got .30sec penalty, and that day i was on the mission.
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  18. Glad you like it :thumblef:
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