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WMRRA Round 8 Sep(22/23)2012 "PR" Novice Race Video

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by GPaddict, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Here it is my last race video of 2012, was fun year will have to do that again in 2013. Ill see you all new and "used":evil4: novices next year.
    I tried something different in this video, was tired of picking music so this is what came out, well you judge:

    Don't forget to watch in 1080p !

  2. Congrats, a hard earned win. Nice
  3. good work! youre getting a lot more creative with your videos. who snuck the camera out to the track?
  4. Tx, glad you liked it, somebody obviously didn't,i got 1 negative on youtube, o well, you cant make everybody happy:scratchea ,i tried to make something different, maybe its a little over do but i guess by getting your guys reviews what you think, i can see what majority likes. Camera - cant tell you do to possible future regrets, i hope you know what i mean, all dho nobody even noticed that cam was there.
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2012
  5. You know its different to be running away then chasing, i knew Pete, Dan or Zach will be chasing me, and then i so Zach right behind me i started making mistakes in the buss stop, but like i said in the video that was purely for visitors entertainment purposes only :mrgreen:
  6. jezterr

    jezterr Retired Admin

    T3 is my bitch. :D

    Now to make all the other corners my bitch.

    Then I will have a harem.

  7. LOL. Next time, next time. That's what I get for not riding there all year except for 20 laps of trackday. I forgot about the minefield that is T4. Next year I think you and I should collaborate on some videos. Possible get some consistent WMRRA branding going, set up a video collection system with all of the riders, etc.
  8. Nice work! See you on the grids next year.
  9. Very nice Vaidas, very nice!!! Great video and congrats again on the 1st place Woot Woot Woot!
  10. I know who i'll be following next year true T3 :mrgreen:, and then Zach good luck on catching me :thefinge::nana

    O ya about a videos, more and more I'm getting in to this video edditing and stuff, i think by end of next year we gonna have Novice Race LIVE feed video and shit :mrgreen:, would be cool
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2012
  11. What would be cool is if you graduated and we got to see 600SS live feeds :D
  12. I already caught you! Now I just need to keep it on the rubbers... :angry7:

    I'm going to novice the entire next two full seasons.
  13. I watched you doing the off roading thing when that bike went down as you were coming out of turn 7.
    I wasn't sure it was going to end well.
    Congrats on mad skills.
  14. Awesome vid, Vaidas!
    Live feed next season, huh? That would be cool... but if folks want a live feed, they just need get their asses out to the track... Better yet, get their asses on the grid! The more the merrier. ;)

    lol... I found out about that shit the hard way.

    I know you're j/k'ing, Zac... but did you graduate?... We gonna be swapping some paint Novice or HEGP? What's your favorite color? :)

  15. Like a boss!!!!1!
  16. FU, Donny!...

    as the premier class, that is.:secret:8)
  17. F.. that, me and Zach will be playing novice for the next 2 years :evil4:

    I'm still to slow for 600ss, my live feed would be very boring:roll: i would be racing my self where in novice its always something going on
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2012

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