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Wo says I can't share

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Locutus, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Let it not be said I am not polite. I was holding back traffic (at the light) so they could gather and go. Took all of a minute.

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  2. Cool story and good on you, but you need to get it down to about 30 seconds.
  3. Who is Wo? Why does Wo care if you share?
  4. Cool story, but I'd tell Wo to chill the f out before you call immigration on his ass.
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  5. Yeah ... about that. The girl on the green bike was late, or a straggler. She was sharing the lane - on the right side - working her way, through traffic, to the group. It took her a bit to get there. So I just sat there until she made it. Then they zoomed off.
  6. Whoa! That chick has a tree growing out of her backpack!
  7. how high are you?

  8. Hmmmmmm? :scratchea

    Well alrighty then. That must be the 'Tree of Wo'. :tard:
  9. Pretty stoned
  10. Not a review, in fact I have NO idea what this massive failure is.....

  11. Oh yeah, and....

  12. There just somethings spell check can't help with . You know ... technically, this did happen whilst we are on the road ...

  13. So what exactly is a school of squid called anyway?
  14. I'm sure somebody here can come up with something witty and insulting :thumbup:
  15. What I think is funny not only about this group of cool kids but every other cool kid like them is that they wear their hoodie's as if that makes a difference. I mean if you want to risk riding without proper gear and replace the appropriate gear with a hooded sweat shirt or wind breaker type of jacket aka anything not leather, Kevlar or abrasive resistant nylon and ride with the mind set that it will offer some higher level of protection than what a t-shirt provides is just beyond me. A bit of constructive criticism for all you cool kids who think their riding ability is so good that is does not warrant gear that could save your skin and potentially your life. 1. YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL! 2. No it's not to hot. 3. Don't learn the hard way. Sorry for going off about this. It just really baffles me how many ppl do this and I know it's each individual persons choice to be the person they want to be and do what they want to do and that's great, it's kinda like smoking, after all we now know about it and yet ppl still do it. I guess it's just me okay I'm done go on cool kids with your t-shirts, shorts flip flops and helmet mo-hawks you are all super UBER awesome! I totally envy you and wish I could be as cool as you.
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  16. squool
  17. I believe it is referred to formally as a cluster

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