Women's riding gear for sale!

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  1. Stuff for sale! :)

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  2. Nice leather jacket.. Too bad I'm not in the market!
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    crap, I've been looking for pants :x What's the stats on the ring. Surprised you got it back. That stuff usually ends up here
  4. How much for the leather jacket?

    Well better question, how much for each piece?
  5. How much for everything??? Serious question....
  6. Would be good to know the $$ cause Im no good at throwing out 'offers'!!
    Great looking gear though!
  7. That stuff prices high online. If it's only been used once or twice it's practically brand new.

    If it were my size I'd make an offer.
  8. Ok man, put an asking price and then you can go from there...
  9. ok Leather Jacket Im asking $200-OBO, Pants 150-OBO, Boots-$80, Textile Jacket-150-OBO. Spent a lot more on this stuff but has only been used once or twice, not broken in also will take other offers just post it or send me a PM and we can work something.

    Thank you!
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  10. haha never seen that website, I picked it up for 1200 on sale so just trying to get rid of it for 2 or 300.00. :)
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    moved to classified section.

  12. Sorry bout that
  13. Nice ring also if anyone is interested.. nice white gold band with diamond.

  14. Prices changed! Asking 80 for boots, 100 for pants, 100 for textile jacket and 150 for leather jacket
  15. Where'd you buy it?

    14 or 18K?

    Size, color, clarity of stone?

    Certified center?

    Size of ring?
  16. +1 to all of that

    I am guessing it is cut-round. Can you confirm? The picture is a little blurry
  17. It's RB, I have no doubt there (why it wasn't included in my barrage of ?'s)

    Judging by the proportions of the ring...

    I'm guessing 1/4-1/3 carat, RB, H/I, I1, 14WG, sz 7.5/8
  18. dibs on the leather jacket, PM sent.

  19. Sounds about right haha, was about a year ago I bought it from Harrie Richies in the Everett Mall, Was on sale for 1000 at the time.

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