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Worst motorcycle of this decade?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. The first decade of this century has come and gone. Forget about the best bikes, and I ask what are your candidates for the worst motorcycles of the past decade?

    To clarify, any motorcycle between 2000 to 2009.

    Keep the brand bashing out of it - Let’s hear what you think and tell us why!
  2. ZX-10R cause well you know.

    Really though got to be some Chinese Korean 625 I've never heard of.

  3. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    The old Concours, old KLR, Ninja EX 500, Old VMAx. anything designed in the eighties.
  4. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    old KLR is the same as the new klr... the new one just has more plastics on it.
  5. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    Ok, throw the new one in there as well. Gixxer pete loves his.
  6. Katanas anybody? Granted they were first released in 1999, but made most of their "advancement" through 2005ish. If anything they loose just cause of looks...hell the Honda Ruckus looks better, and its just aluminum tubing!
  7. jwfzr

    jwfzr Two Wheel Art

    Yes, but at least at one point this Katana won a supersport championship.
  8. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    I gotta agree with the Chinese crap...

  9. I'd have to agree with the katanas, the newer ones look just like the older ones with those gawd awful turn signals. And i never did like the ninja 250's till they made em look like an actual sport bike, before it was just a souped up scooter
  10. zuk gs500, lame ass entry level bike thats huge as hell. or any bike with the brand name 'baja'...
  11. Honda Rune.

    Actually, "any Harley" immediately popped into mind, but then I recalled all the other poser wannabe Jap cruiser POS's, so the list would have really been too long.

    I settled on what I thought to be the most absurd, useless and completely overwrought abomination on 2 wheels.

    Or maybe Brad Pitt's ridiculous little turd-sicle...crackup:
  12. I have to say that the newer katana's (though not directly called that) the GSX650F are MUCH more improved. Having a liquid cooled engine, and a 2006 front design GSXR look to the fairing.

    Performance wise...well....yeah....mine is 74 hp....pc3, pipe, airfilter....wooo

    The biggest difference I was able to tell (i owned the 750 Katana, and now a 650F) is the balance of the bike, the 750 was WAY more top heavy, made it harder to handle at street speeds. Hwy speeds were much smoother then the 650F.

    I had to laugh when i put the yoshi pipe on the 650F....yoshi pipe = 4lbs, stock = 20lbs...
  13. Any bike that I don't have..... just cause I don't have one....
  14. Rippn

    Rippn Human Race Qualifier<br>FREE and clean

    amazing... some of the benchmark classics got named here... unless it was to hack off yer friends, w/'em...
    I'd SHURE agree... the china dirt nock offs... the koreon hyo's wern't half bad, considering the base price... and as an entry level...
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  15. In terms of looks, I'd have to vote for the Ducati Multistrada. Even the EX500 was less fugly. At least it was a decent bike from a technical standpoint.

    Oh... I think I have it...


    465 lbs dry, air cooled (still, in 2001), and only 92hp at the crank (my 1992 GSXR750 made a 102 at the rear wheel). Talk about a turd...
  16. RF900,89GSXR-600 both fat and slow.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2009

  17. 89 GSXR600? No such thing. There was one in 92 or 93'. It was literally a sleeved down water-cooled 750 though, and yes it was a pig.
  18. +1
  19. Buell Blast

    Frame feels like it's made of rubber on a twisty road. Clunky gearbox. Gutless.
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