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WSBK Aragon discussion *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Avboden, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. so far through qualifying 1, order is Melandri, Biaggi, Sykes, Laverty, haslam, Badovini, Fabrizio, Davies, Camier, and Checa to round out the top 10

    That's BMW, Ape, Kawi, Ape, BMW, BMW, BMW, Ape, Suzuki, Ducati
  2. Superpole is done

    Sykes won again, lets see if he can turn it into a race win or two finally

    Front row: Sykes, Biaggi, Laverty, Haslam
    2nd row: Melandri, Rea, Checa, Davies

    so: Kawi, Ape, Ape, BMW
    BMW Honda Ducati Ape

    should make for some fun racing!

  3. This is only because a couple guys want to win a championship, not just a race or two. Those guys have to let others win to a avoid penalties.
  4. WOW, had to be some of the closest finishes ever in both races.

    Melandri is kicking some ass....few more performances like this with possibly a lucky crash from biaggi and he might catch him in the riders standings.
  5. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    No, Biaggi is kicking ass, Melandri is winning a few races.
  6. Good to see Laverty doing a bit better.
  7. Yeah, Melandri is working hard out there. He and Biaggi checked out in race 1... and race 2 was a nail-biter for sure.

    Amazing how Davies reeled in the factory Aprilias toward the end, too. Great racing.

    I really just want to see Manuela jump up and down, that's why I'm rooting for Melandri. :shock: :mrgreen:
  8. Fun races, impressive stuff from Davies. I'm surprised Rea finished so well in the second race given the track. Really interesting to see the power differences come in to play on a track like that... all the Apes scooting their way upward. Now if I could find some reliable coverage of these races I'd really be happy


    I go through withdrawals without this site. The Eurosport 2 broadcasts are the best IMO with Burnicle and Whitham commentating. SBK really could use an online subscription service, or some kind of streaming effort with one of the partner broadcasters.

    Seems like Rea is almost there, but TenKate just can't find the setup often enough.

    I'm hoping for a Biaggi vs. Melandri championship battle, with all the Brits at the front end, maybe Giugliano and Badovini mixing it up, too. A Melandri win would be some nice payback for 'the slap'.

    Maybe he'll do one of these for us:
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  10. I'm out of invites, but if you'll cover the site donation (should be about $10), I'll try to donate for another invite slot. You'll need to be willing to keep your share ratio positive. Also, I get the feeling that it doesn't happen instantly, so you might have to wait a few days.

    Send a PM if you're interested.
  11. Why does no one understand that Aprilia can pick and choose their own results? They are sand bagging to not have a penalty.
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