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WSBK Brno discussion *spoilers*

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Avboden, Jul 23, 2012.


    double win for melandri

    BMW also moved into 1st on the manufacturer standings.

    BMW 292
    Aprilia 290
    Ducati 276.5
    Kawi 218.5
    Honda 193
    Suzuki 72.5
  2. I feel bad for Sykes, the dude keeps winning Tissot watches, and usually leads early. Then he falls off mid race and is done. But lately he's been in it until the end. Then Melandri passes him on the final lap! Gah!! Come on Tom!

    And this is from a Ducati/Checa fan (and also an "Anybody but Biaggi" fan...) If Checa can't be the champ, then I'm rooting for Melandri and Sykes!

    And what of the news that BMW is basically pulling out factory support, going with BMW Italia for next year? What's up with that? They start putting wins together and pull out? Well, I guess it worked for Ducati last year.....

  3. they said kawi had a lot of test time so im happy to see sykes figure out the tire thing. plus a kawi 2-3 that is nuts.

    bmw must be putting all their effort into the CRTs. :ninja:
  4. I doubt BMW will sustain but we'll see.
  5. Sykes for sure. While Biaggi is a douchebag in QP, Melandri's race aggressiveness may have him in the kitty litter again. I wouldn't be surprised to see him and Haslam off track again.
    Biaggi's team screwed up QP by not going out on qualifiers, add in red flags during superpole putting him at a 14th grid position.

    Good racing for sure, and Melandri's push of Haslam pretty much ended Haslam's career on a factory BM
  6. they aren't pulling out of factory support...BMW Italia is VERY very good and works directly with BMW.

    so yeah, there will be one less BMW team on the grid, but the BMW Italia team IS the factory team next year.
  7. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Very similar to what American Honda did in AMA years back. They took over the team from HRC, but still used many HRC parts. Actually American Honda kinda got the shaft from HRC.
    At least BMW Italia has the factory building/developing the engines/electronics - the two biggest expenses.

    Sykes could be unstoppable if he could just maintain the pace and not shag tires. Looks like their testing has improved the situation, but just not quite enough.
  8. They'll get there, this is the exact problem BMW had at first, fast as hell, but couldn't keep the grip on the last few laps. I remember seeing Corser backing it in through every turn, it was scary.
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