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WSBK Moscow discussion *Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Avboden, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. R1:




    Manufacturer's standing.
    BMW: 361
    Aprilia 334.5
    Ducati 322

    Rider's standing
    Melandri: 308.5
    Biaggi: 290
    Sykes 267.5

    But what happened to Biaggi? He made the most bonehead move i've ever seen that's what! I really hope Haslam is biaggi. At least he blew his championship lead with it.

    Go to 25 seconds in.
  2. Baiggi looks like he decided to use Rea's slip stream in the braking zone, def a bone head move, but he has done worse in the past...hope the other rider makes it out ok.

    On another note, I watched motogp Brno and it was reported Spies is not going BMW/Wsbk, but instead taking the Honda Gresini ride next year and staying in the series.

  3. Camier went from 18th to 5th in r2. Thats not too bad. Wish susuki could get thier shit together. I think Holden should get Hopkins ride.
  4. Haslam is okay,

    Biaggi has apologized, said he got over into a "dirty" area of the track and couldn't stop in time.
  5. This just shows how much more competitive AMA superbike is than SBK is. Davies was a mid packer, having to race with local heroes on the AMA scene and can podium in SBK.
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  6. Actually, did Davies even ride superbike in AMA, or just super Sport?
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  7. Biaggi pulled a jackass move, and the announcer trying to place some of the blame on Rea was BS.
  8. i thought it was ss. yep-biaggi blew it! there was some good racing though-especially r2. pretty cool how the points situation is moving around-could be anyones show at the end. go kawasaki!
  9. Yeah I didn't like the blame put on Rea either... WTF is he just supposed to let Biaggi pass him? :tard: Maybe he should have slowed down, to make it that much easier for him...

    Biaggi was just going too fast and locked the rear straight into Haslam plain and simple.
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  10. Yeah but Davies only podiumed because what...5 riders crashed in front of him?
  11. Davies podiumed at Aragon.

    Any excuses there?
  12. Rea is a piece of shit...Max is as well.
    Those two cause more grief on track than all the other riders combined.
    F*ck 'em both.
  13. PeteN95

    PeteN95 Moderator Staff Member

    Tell us how you really feel, Swanny!? crackup:
  14. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    Rea's riding is crazy. He's so down on power that he swerves like crazy to try to keep people from passing him on the straights. Biaggi noticeably had to swerve to avoid him, which put him on the dirtier inside portion of the track.

    I'm not saying Biaggi isn't to blame for taking out Haslam, but Rea's bowling ball riding put Biaggi offline to begin with.
  15. They said that was the latest rumor. Nothing more.....
  16. Rea continually drifted across that straight time after time. Can't help but wonder how much culpability he had in Checa's crash. He's riding like a friggin' goofball and starting to make Mark Marquez look safe.

    Now, the latest rumor is BS11 to the junior Ducati ("Ducklings") team.
  17. If you ask Ryan Dungey, that's how titles are won.
  18. Johnny Rea was involved in how many bikes going down? Used to root for the guy somewhat, but after this weekend, I've put him in the "ass clown" category.

    I think Moscow is a bike-eating track though.

    I was also really hoping Sykes would get the double! But 1-2 is pretty good, seems like they've got their tire-munching issues behind them.

    My bandwagon is as follows:
    Any Ducati
    Any other BMW
    Any other Kawi
    Any other bike/rider
    Biaggi dead fucking last!
  19. fun fact, best lap was set by a BMW in both races

    SBK Race 1 - Leon Haslam (BMW Mottorad Motorsport) 1'36.729 (Lap 13)
    SBK Race 2 - Marco Melandri (BMW Motorrad Motorsport) 1'35.794 (Lap 10)
  20. Fact: anyone on an Aprilia is going to be running up front and there is nothing Ducati can do about it.
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