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WSBK rule changes

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Avboden, Nov 1, 2012.

  1. don't think i've seen this posted yet. These will be in place next year.

    #1: Races will no longer be called due to rain during the race, instead, OPTIONAL pitstops to change tires/whatever will be available.

    #2: Starting grid is now 3 riders per row a la motoGP, superpole just became that much more important.

    #3: weight! minimum weight of 165kg for both 1200cc twin cylinders and 1000cc four cylinders.

    #4: frame modifications: Modifications to the frame at the swing-arm pivot area will also be allowed, to give "a maximum of +/-5 mm of adjustment vertically and horizontally".

    #5: Brake lever protection

    #6: Fake headlights (stickers) mandatory (LOL)

    #7: a rear safety light for wet races, interesting!

    #8: 17" rims as we all already knew. This will allow tire development to help the street bikes a lot more.
  2. So do they have to change tails (to get the tail light) if it starts to rain?

  3. The way I read that section was just a light to see riders ahead through the tire spray/mist/whatever not a brake light so I think they could just stick one on the existing tail if it's raining...I could be wrong though.
  4. Like MotoGP today? Not sure they are completely different "tails" but it looks like MotoGP has some sort of "bolt on" safety light on rain days. Many looked like they bolted to the side of the bike - like the frame.
  5. Very interesting stuff.

    #1... I like this rule change. Let's put another test to the rider's skill and even throw in the possibility for some possibilities for upsets and surprises. The top riders will still be leading the championship race, but this could make for some ranking upsets.

    #3... not sure if this is going to really be necessary or not. We all know the 1098R has been far from competitive in terms of top end this season and admittedly at a big disadvantage. The weight rule change would certainly help that bike, but with the introduction of the 1199 next year, I'm not so sure they need to change the weight rule to accomodate. If anything, it was Ducati's fault for not updating their race platform sooner (IMO, unless there is more to the story that I'm not aware of).
  6. ninjaofdoom

    ninjaofdoom <a href="

    The panigale is not beating the others, so I think the weight penalty is unecessary. I am NOT a fan of the extra CCs they get, but they already aren't showing to be that fast.

    Pit stops should be cool to watch.
  7. The 998, 999, and 1098R (1198) has been a competitve chassis. Going from a dominant seasion last year to this one makes many think it was to impact the weight penalty for the panigale. They had some pretty strange "mistakes" this season. Wrong tire choice, poor qualifying etc.

    Carlos wasn't so warm about it, now with the factory officially back in, althea out, audi, and possibly a return of Tardozzi...who knows. Did get to see one win over some pretty decent talent on I4's, sounds good and looks good sideways. Pit stops should favor the Duc if they have as many as rainy days next season.

    Headlights to try marketing wsbk different than the GP's now they are under one roof.

    Vote for Tom 2013!
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  8. Brake lever protection, I see Bark buster sponsorship at a premium :mfclap:

    Or they should start a Contours Championship with BIG farings.
  9. I think the headlight sticker should be covered with blue painter's tape.........

    13lbs of extra weight on the 1098 chassis sure seemed to make it less competitive, and then throw in all the tactical mistakes the Duc teams made this season. I think the chassis/engine is still quite competitive, having won 15 of 26 races last season, and 7 this year. Aprilia also won 7 races this year, with BMW coming on strong mid season with 6 wins before fading, then Kawi with 5.

    The remaining stats for 2012 are also interesting, and I think it shows that the notion that the 1098 chassis/engine is not competitive isn't accurate:
    Poles: 4 (Kawi 9, Ape 1)
    Podiums: 19 (Ape 21, BMW 18 )
    Fastest Lap: 11 (Ape 6, BMW 6)

    1098R's on the grid: 8 (I think this might be why the 1199 is a season late, that's a lot of bikes to replace!)
    Apes on the grid: 3
    BMW's on the grid: 5
    Kawi's on the grid: 6

    Anyway, I think next season will be just as exciting as this one (motogp is a snooze-fest). And I wonder how the results might be different if Johnny Rea hadn't caused so many shenanigans this season.....
  10. That would be absolutely hilarious. I hope a team does it for a warm up session as a joke.
  11. ^ nice. That would be funny. ^

    & thinking that Ducati has their plate full next year.
    It's my understanding that the new Duc is still in need of much development. Athena subsequently wanted more support for the energy they felt would be req'd for a shot at it. We know the results of that factory partnership .(see Athena on Kawi next season).

    Given no reining-in of WSBK electronics next year, (this not to mention Ducati's 4 rider team(s) on those GP dogs) it'll be interesting to see what Audi whacks after another year/season of scientific research.

    ...which leads to possibilities of changes to 2014 including Yamaha running 1100cc triples...& stock ECU's...
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