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WTF is wrong with people?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by dwschultzy, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. So I decided to go back out tonight just for the hell of it. Decided to slab it down to a friends in Tukwilla.
    Cruising along minding my own buisness in the carpool lane just south of Seattle and some drunk clown's in a full size chev truck decide to cut me off. No big, I just roll on the throttle a little and go around them.
    About a mile or so down the road I see them coming up quick, I change lanes to let them go by and I notice the passenger hanging out the window. I move over one more lane just in time to catch what looked like a 1/2 breaker bar being thrown at me. Hit me in the left foot. I slowed way down to take a look and see if there was anything wrong with me or the bike, this is when I saw the breaker bar sliding across I-5. These fucks start slowing down and moving over to the shoulder where I am stopping.
    I wanted nothing to do with this situation so I just got back on the throttle hard, they tried following. Now there is no way I am letting two fucks catch me in a full size truck, so I open it up and wait till there is no way these assholes can see me any longer take an exit and go directly to a gas station to calm down.
    Did not get a plate number, so I knew it would do me no good to call wsp, but where the fuck is a cop when you need one?
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  2. littleq624

    littleq624 Chat Whore

    people were not in good moods today...i had some lady slam on the brakes and freak at me, and flip me off as i passed her, because of my headlights (they are modulated...)

  3. wtf man.........:shock::shock::shock:

    that is unbelievable, not only do we have to deal with bike thieves out in force this time of year, now we got people throwin shit at us while goin 70 on the freeway :angry7:
  4. I think it's because they are secretly suffocating from a raging jealousy of those that aren't arseholes.
  5. Wow people are psycos, glad you are okay! scary that someone would do that for no reason.
  6. littleq624

    littleq624 Chat Whore

    actually i think a laser gun might have to be my next addition to my bike!
  7. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member

    they were jealous of your sweet bike.
  8. I'm think I'm going to start carring my gun again. Keep it easy to get to and loaded.
  9. You have a good head on your shoulders and handled the situation the right way. Some people suck.
  10. I thought about this all the way home. Although I am glad I did not have mine, nor do I carry it unless I am going to the range or out shooting, but I would probably have used it if I had it. That's how pissed I was.
  11. Shrek X

    Shrek X Mr. 500,000

    damn, crazy dumbass people out there... good thing you had the speed just to leave it behind before it got bad.
  12. Speechless. . . . Glad you weren't hurt.
  13. RaceFreak

    RaceFreak formerly gixxerboy2

    That's fucked up!! I wonder if they were trying to steal your bike from you? I read something like that in the Eastside section. Dude, I can totally feel you anger. I'd be sooo pissed if someone did that to me.
  14. Washington State is a right to carry state. The police have no obligation to protect you in this or any other state. You acted correctly it avoiding a flight, but it could have been worse.

  15. Wow...I'm pissed off just reading about it! What a couple of douche bags! Glad to hear you're okay!
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  16. No doubt. :angry7:
  17. WTF? Not sure how'd I'd handle that situation if it arose...
  18. The reason I don't carry mine right now is that I'd probably use it on the morons that regularly cut me off while they're yapping on the phone.


    You did the right thing in the current situation. Pin it and get away from the trouble.
  19. OOk

    OOk beansbaxter is too lazy to come up with something

    crazy. good job backing off. that's hard to do when dealing with douches. sometimes you just want to ask them, wtf is your problem?
    too bad you didnt get a plate tho. oh well.
  20. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    I'm already doing my research:
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