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Yakima Riders: Introduce yourself and sound off!

Discussion in 'Yakima' started by Vanquisher, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hello Just trying to get a list of Yakima riders together so we can get a Regular Bike nite as well as join in on stuff with Ellensburg and the Tricitys Groups . So Please Post up here if you Live in the Yakima area.

    Tell us about yourself and your ride.

    And pass the word along to your fellow friends and riders...easy to remember at

  2. WOOOO go VANQUISHER!!! Count me in!!! I'll be a Yakimanian as of Friday 4/27 hehee...

  3. jumpjump: jumpjump: jumpjump: :wav: :wav: Hey Beans Just put up A new Yakima forum so go there and sign in if you are a Yakamite
  4. Thanks Beans for setting this up. "" is a lot easier for newbies to remember than "" when you're trying to yell it across the street at a stop light... ;)
  5. so when we gonna have a yakima bikenite?
  6. Hey hey!!! I have a buddy in Zillah too!! Yay i'm glad to see you're interested!! :-D Thank you for signing in!!! :mfclap: :mrgreen: :ninja: :mfclap: And to answer your question... I dont know LOL
  7. hey Jeramie himrod tell me what color is your bike and year. I guess you don't check the forum, because i haven't see you on the forum. Are you going to bike nite on 5/3 thursday @ miners 6:00Pm.
  8. I know I know its Yakima riders but I grew up their. I make trips over their whenever I get the urge too so count me in if ya can
  9. Wasup Group... I just started the Forum. I just got back riding to Tampico (Sp?) It was a blast...

    anyways, Im down for whatever. :-D
  10. welcome pat can't wait for another ride. Maybe friday to ellensburg. Get the guys together and ride to yamaha jacks.
  11. yea, I was telling everybody i needed to get my bike worked on in Eburg. So yea... Most def, im down to ride on Friday. Haha.
  12. Wait a sec. haha, i just looked at your profile. Haha, Yea dude... Whenever you wanna ride, just give me a call or text me. :-D haha
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  13. Haha, Thanks dude. Its also my Other Forum name as well. :p
  14. It wont let me post the name. But its a R1 - Forum . Com

    HAHA, it let me post. just had to space out the letters. haha.
  15. Hi y'all, it's Lee P. here. Went to bike nite 5/17, it was pretty cool. I'm always up for a ride. Will check back here often for info on new rides. You can call me @ phone# listed in my profile if you want to also.[​IMG]
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