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Yamaha r6 Not revving past 12K

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by mbshupe123, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. I have a 2003 Yamaha R6. bought it with 6K miles on it about 4 months ago. nNow the bike has 15.5K miles on it. Just recently in the last two weeks or so when I pin the throttle the bike will rev anywhere from 10-12K then stop going any higher. Then the bike will actually start to slow down till it feels like the transmission grabs again. it does this in every gear. Today though, the bike didn't want to rev past 8K in 2nd 3rd and wouldn't go above 87 MPH. The bike has had the coil replacement that the 2003-2005 R6 had a recall with. Other then that I have had no issues with the beast. During the summer I started practicing 2nd gear wheelies but I never really grinding or ran the clutch so it just burns. I shut the bike off and about half the time it will fix the problem and it will rev all the way till the rev limiter starts to bounce. I loose almost 20 MPH off each gear 1st through 3rd gear.

    Too me it sounds electrical and not a bad clutch.

    Please help me out so I can fix it over the winter :(
  2. I bad clutch would lead to slipping - it would rev more easily to the limiter.

    As I had said last week, I'd recommend taking it to a mechanic familiar with the design. EDR, SDS or RPM. If you're not going to take that advice, you need to get access to certain key components to try to narrow down the problem by trial and error.

    Possible causes:

    1) Bad ground
    2) ECU problem
    3) Fuel pump/fuel filter
    4) Throttle position sensor faulty
    5) Ignition coils
    6) Fuel contamination (phase-separated E10, water in fuel)
    7) Fuel injector faulty/clogged
    8) Spark plug issue?

    The bottom line is, there are certain things you can check yourself and some things you really can't do easily.

    Removing the tank, draining the fuel, checking the fuel filter (probably inside the fuel pump) is probably the easiest thing you can do at home. Changing the plugs with new, correctly gapped replacements is not hard., but can be a pain on some bikes due to their location.

    Swapping the coils or ECU will require access to replacement parts. Having the bike serviced by a shop like EDR might make this easy since they support so many local racers who ride the same machine - they might have access to spares.

    Testing the TPS can be done with a volt meter and data regarding the correct resistance value range, but if the problem is intermittent it could be a pain to "see" the error.
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  3. I wasn't ignoring the information you gave me. I was just asking around just to see if people already had this problem or not with this bike or any other bike. Just to get a quick answer. That is all. I am too busy at the moment to be going around to shops and doing all that. I will when I get a chance now that I am not always riding anymore. Thanks for all the information you gave me. I appreciate it.
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