Yamaha TT225/Honda 230

Discussion in 'Medford Region' started by Ordrock, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Looking for a reasonable purchase of either a Yamaha TT 225 or a Honda 230. I see all these crazy Craigs List listing for pieces of crap. no one ever tells the truth, when you show up to look at them they look like they were put together in Frankinsteins labratory. It's amazing what people think a can of Crylon can fix.

    Want to move the Son up from the 1979 Yamaha YZ 80. Got cash, May trade and of course cash to sweetin the deal. I may just give the YZ to the grand daughters.

    So if anyone has an idea where we could find a great bike for under , well lets say reasonable. I'm sure the boy is going to crash it, so it sure doesn't need to be perfect.

    Christmas gift.
  2. my wife has '04 CRF230...been garaged for years, never thought about selling it.

  3. gnvdallas

    I have a 2005 TTR225 and a 2002 TTR125 that have been waiting for more use... Bought to ride trails with the wife, but she decided she prefers to ride horses. I am second owner of both, and both in very good shape. Located near Olympia, WA
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