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Yes, it's dangerous... now STFU!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by UglyBaldMan, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. So, I'm getting to work this morning, and bump into the company owner in the parking lot. Nice guy, very personable... but... the following conversation ensued:

    Him: Hey.. that looks DANGEROUS.

    Me: It looks FUN.

    Him: Well, that too, but one accident on that thing and you're done.

    Me: That's why I wear all this armor.

    Him: Yeah... uh... good luck with that. How far do you commute?

    Me: 'bout 45 minutes.

    Him: Twice a day?!

    Me: Yeah.

    Him: Through traffic?!

    Me: Yeah.

    Him: (walking away) Well, it was nice knowing ya.

    So... I wonder. Why do people feel the need to point out the inherent danger in riding? Do they also hang out by a ski-lift saying "That'll kill you y'know" ? Or do they see a fat guy eating a cheeseburger and say "Boy, that looks dangerous" ? Or maybe see a guy having a drink and say "Wow... your liver must be hard as a rock!" ? I mean... humans, as a species, take on risks as a matter of course. We eat things that kill us slowly, have hobbies that could kill us instantly (hang-gliding, skiing, swimming, surfing, etc.. etc...) we understand these risks and we take them anyway. So why do people seem to be able to keep their mouths shut about other head-cracking activities, but not riding?

    Ok, end of rant. Continue milling about smartly.
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  2. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    You should wait for him by his car and repeat the same lines....

  3. I feel ya dawg.

    I don't even get that sort of thing from my Mom.:roll:

    It's bad juju to say things like that.:angry7:
  4. Try owning a bike and working at a hospital, Half the Nurses love them, the other half think they are your mother........
  5. Some people like to live boaring lives.

    Bikes make me happy!!!
  6. I think that it's why such a small percentage of us ride. If you approach riding from a risk assessment point of view, you'll always talk yourself out of it.
  7. sounds like someone was trying to compensate..

    Maybe he remembers a time 20 years ago when he thought about riding.. but pussed out and regrets it.

    The only thing he can do is talk down to others enjoying life.
  8. Maybe because very few other "sports", unlike commuting to work, have such a high and prolonged exposure to the carelessness and neglect of others which directly impacts your safety. Without a real understanding of what riding brings you this risk is very confusing for some.

    .....but more likely he was declaring a number of things to you; 1) he is one of those that doesn't pay attention to driving on the way to work, 2) disapproves of your unsafe choices and it's impact on the company 3) he is a kinda jealous and afraid because would love to ride but always provides his own excuses and reasoning.
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  9. +1
  10. Try working at a motorcycle shop. The days you take your car to work, you get shit from your coworkers and boss for not riding that day.
  11. Haha, yup, I've had a nurse give me the stink eye as I was leaving my work. (I work for a hospital but not at one)
  12. ding, ding, ding....we have a winner.
  13. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    In my best Al Pachino voice, "You can get killed walking your doggie!"
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  14. yeah...done with that accident and ready for the next one.
  15. I get that all the time from BOTH my parents, but especially my father, who is a personal injury lawyer and feels the need to tell me about every motorcycle related case that comes across his desk. I still live to ride though.
  16. Mine does, even though both parents died of cancer. Still looks down on my choice to ride. I'm like, "really?" I do think my boss is concerned for my safety but also for the potential loss to the company and the fact that if I was laid up or gone he'd have to come to work.:roll:
  17. I hate that shit, it's so annoying. Oh well, those are the kind of people that go through life too scared to enjoy it. How many things can you do everyday and still get the same level of enjoyment/rush each time you do it? You have to go sometime from something.

  18. I have a few friends who are nurses and keep calling it a donor-cycle. I shrug and laugh - I give first responders and hospital folks a lot of leeway. They see the worst of the worst day in and day out.
  19. My aunt is a nurse but luckily she has kept her thoughts to herself so far. I know what my family thinks about me riding but I can't let that affect me having fun
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