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Yes, Mikey went down......

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Mikey, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Yes its true, I went censored: down today about 4:30pm on HWY 16 just before the Sprague Exit by Target in tacoma, Traffic was moving then suddenly a truck merged from the far right lane right in front of me and basically stopped and I braked, just a little too much front brake :banghead: and chatter.......WAM!!! Im on my back looking at the sky and my bike was under the rear of the truck and I was under my bike. :angry7: Happened so fast Im sure Im not even giving an accurate discription of what exactly happened.

    So now I need front upper plastics and a new head light assy. Anyone got anything?






  2. Oh ya, Im ok, No injuries. Just a sore hip.

  3. ouch
    thats 2 down today so far.
    Ill let the other rider post up what happened when hes feeling better.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2008
  4. Glad you are ok man, assuming that is the case.
  5. rgr that. the sv's are taking a beating lately :( but glad the riders are ok.
  6. Your wife better not kill me since you were suppose to meet me and ride. You know how women are they always have to blame somebody else and it better not be me.crackup:crackup: No seriously glad you are ok and don't worry I got some wax and a buffer it will be ok. Damn now we have to fix to bikes your and billy's before Tuesday.
  7. Holy Cow Brutha !

    Are you ok ? I hope you are, I just rode with you like tuesday. There are alot of riders going down, I think its because the sun brings out all the crazy cagers.


    Get well mike !

  8. Im ok, no injuries. Walking talking and thankfull.
  9. heh.. my upper looks just as good as yours.. glad your ok man
  10. I saw somebody down on 530 just before it reaches 20 at Rockport at about 4 o'clock today. I stopped to see if they needed any help but they had everything under control so I left. The rider was down in a ditch with a broken leg and the bike was in the trees behind him. Is he someone here on the board? My thoughts are with him, that hurts.

  11. Glad to hear you're okay!!
  12. Another blue one down. Man good thing you r ok.
  13. Well karma should have been on your side today Mikey since you drove all the way to Puyallup to pick us up, drive all the way to Seattle to pick my bike up and bring me all the way back...I truly appreciate it...I guess its a good thing that you took my ramp today as well...I am sure it came in pretty handy...Glad your ok bro and thanks again!!! I truly appreciate it!!! I am also glad you are ok...Please let me know if you need anything...I definately owe you!!!


    wanna carpool on Tuesday 8)
  14. wanna carpool on Tuesday 8)[/QUOTE]

    You bet!!! ILL DRIVE!!! LOL!!!!
  15. Mikey, I feel your pain man. Your SV looks a lot better than mine though :) Glad it wasn't worse, get her fixed up soon!

  16. I know what you can do for me.......Find me as good of a deal on plastic as you found........crackup:
  17. I was already looking...Might be a little harder since mine is only an 03...I will let you know what I find...

  18. I feel like getting trashed.....LOL
  19. Can I borrow your bike......?
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