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Yet another tire thread! Yayz! No really, I'm serious.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by PeeJay, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. I cant remember what tires I had on two sets back, prolly because I'm getting so damn old. Corsa IIIs barely lasted 3000 miles. I can't afford new tires every 3K miles! I had Erik's minions throw some Rosso IIs on. Loved the feel. But they are showing cord after barely 4500 miles. Now I haz a sad, was hoping for considerably more.

    Okay, the SV is a bit tough on rear tires and I do like to get the most enjoyment possible from the torque monster it is and that doesnt help the tire last. But come on! There must be a tire that rides great AND is less wearing?

    Don't need a new front so I'm torn on spending money for two new tires versus one new Corsa, depending on what I can expect. So for those who ride a big bike and ride it ... spiritedly, how you doing - Bike, tire, mileage?

    And who has the best rates in PDX area to mount and balance (wheels on the bike cause I don't have stands)?
  2. have you considered a sport touring tire like the Metzeler Z8 interact? They grip like hell and last a looooot longer than a normal sport tire.

  3. I ride a sport touring bike, my q2's made 3-4k, and like you i need a new rear tire. I did some research and the PR3's are dual compound for sport touring and by all accounts last 10-15k miles while giving great performance. every single review i read on different forums said they were more than adequate for street use and that they only would not be adequate is if you were doing a track day on them (whereas the q2 would work well on track). They also are a wet tire so a big + for the PNW
  4. read the specs on the Q2's......dual comp/wet racing tyre
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  6. Pilot Road 3's for milage or Power Pures for more performance but good mileage. I tend to get something like 3000 miles out of my Q2's but had 5000-5500 from Pilot Pures. Haven't tried the PR's on anything but I've heard nothing but good things. If I didn't have a bike that had so much track duty I'd probably go PR3's.
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    Havent run the PR3's yet, but I have had good luck and performance with a couple of sets of PR2's. (10K plus)
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    I have Bridgestone BT023's on my bike right now and so far so good. Even did a Taste of Racing at Pacific Racing and they are holding up great! Supposed to be comparable to the Pilot Road 2's and get 8-10K out of them. They are cheaper than the Road 2's and 3's and they are also dual compound. So far I love em!
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    Or consider Shinko tires. I ran them (009's) on my 650 and they were an excellent tire, wore well and very predictable. Not sure how they'd handle the 1k, as mine currently has Q2's on it. Depending on the life I get out of the Q2's (only ~1k on them now) I may end up trying the Shinko's on it too though.
  10. Thanks for the tips! While tire shopping I realized I had Conti Road Attacks on before my series of Pirellis. I think I liked them. :scratchea

    BT023's are cheap right now, barely more expensive than Shinkos. Think I'll order up a set.
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