yo Nels....i got a question...??

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  1. so yeah, not sure he is gonna see this but maybe someone else knows the answer....what is the little yellow module with little numbered switches and a red light inside of it? its under the seat of my bike(2000 RC51 SP1 with custom Nels fuel map)....i think its part of the power commander but it might be a RC51 thing but it doesnt look OEM.......
  2. Sounds like a speedo healer to me
  3. speedo healer?

    pics of it?

    Try google images...

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    If it looks like this, it's a speedohealer.

  5. yup....speedo healer....thanks guys!! so im guessing the red light(it flickers sometimes) is just to tell if the unit is getting power from the battery...i dont think its suposed to flash green....like i thought something was not right because a red light is usually never a good thing but im pretty sure the unit is functioning properly......
  6. yes...red light is power/function

    for your reading enjoyment http://www.bugmanweb.com/gsxr/gsxrfiles/yellowboxcalibration.pdf
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