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yo walla walla sportbikes

Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by SoloSix, May 4, 2010.

  1. sso guys where all the bikes at .... where is everyone riding at in walla walla...? lets arrange some twisties or whatever people... i have a liter bike 05 zx10r .
  2. good luck with twisties here

  3. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    There is plenty. Just got to know where to look!

  4. Really, you'll have to show me cause I've been here almost 10 years and nothing close by unless you count Tollgate but then again if you like the Oregon SP then I guess it's alright
  5. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy Cone Head

    Just off the top of my chrome dome I can come up with Middle Waitsburg Road, Lower Waitsburg Road, Harvey Shaw, Touchet North Road, Hwy 261 from Starbuck, North out of Lyons Ferry, Lolo Pass (A bit of a stretch, but worth it!), North Touchet Road, South Touchet Road, Hwy 334 out of Athena/Helix to Holdman, then to the Columbia river on 37 or take Holdman road from Holdman to Helix. Old Emigrant Road, Ukiah/Hilgard Road, Heppner Highway between Heppner and Pilot Rock, Sand Hollow near Hepppner.

    If you don't mind riding to get to them, I could probably come up with a few more!

    Last edited: May 5, 2010
  6. Okay, I drive most of these roads everyday or for the most part and unless unless your counting the 2 to 3 turns on each and the long strecth between these turns. I'm out of Waitsburg and I go to Spokane via Washtucna and there's only 1 spot there that drops down into the canyon by the cattle farm. The only road that I felt was okay was the road you turn off of the Highway along the columbia heading towards Hermiston that takes you into Pendleton. Got to drive aways to Lolo which most of the ride is boring. As for Touchet North Road it's just like Lower and Middle Wait's, not alot there.
  7. Too soon to plan the memorial ride?
  8. What up dog!
    Once my sticker kit comes in Imma roll hard to S town and hit up some roads!
  9. What are you talking about? Holdman road is about 5 miles of corners. If you start from Pendleton there is a bit of a straight before them but once you hit the first one its one after another. As well, if you are coming from Walla take the back roads out of Milton to Kuyuse canyon into Pendleton and out Holdman...great ride with plenty of twisties.
    Not to start an argument and to each his own but there are some great places to ride around Walla. Get with Eric down at USA Honda and he will take you on a great ride, always does.

  10. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Hey! When you W.W. people gonna have a 'Bike Nite'??
  11. soon I hope. I have ridden with Eric and for him to enjoy these back roads here your speedo doesn't go below 50( great rider by the way, just not that great with customers-From personal experiance). When it takes 10 mins to get from Walla2 to the Tux then the straight sections don't seem to bad. Holdman RD. I think is the road I was talking about, I'll check next time I head to Pendleton. I guess you'll have to show us these great roads next time you head over this way, might keep me close to home instead of traveling to other parts of Washington.
  12. You guys want to head over for Sushi?
  13. yo ... so ya gonna lemme paint that tl1000 lol...
  14. Walla Walla has someplace worth having a bike night at? I guess it would seem wrong to have a WW bike nite in the cities...
  15. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Engrish Preeze~!:evil4:
  16. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    It will be what you make of it! So? Make it happen!:mfclap:
  17. will be doing a bike night here when I am here on a friday night, it will be at Mr. Eds, scratch made clam chowder. yum. :) that and i need to find where the burnt plastic smell is coming from on my bike. lol
  18. Are you doing bike night this Friday at Mr. Ed's?
  19. Kolat

    Kolat emw2k9 beer pong champions

    There's a nice little section from the highway outside of washtucna to the columbia....well about half of it is nice the rest kinda sucks. I've ran down 127 to central ferry fast enough to bubble a set of tires on a gixxer before too. I can't see the lower waitsburg road as being fun unless your wanting to try and top a bike out and launch it off the top of a hill.

  20. Hey T. Someone actually did that a few months ago on a old Goldwing so never say never here in the burg.
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