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You have got to see this to believe it....

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Jeffytune, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Okay, so buddy of mine on another forum had his riding buddy show him how well there "Improved" motorcycle tire set up work.....and they filmed it..

    Now I have to tell you, there installing CAR tires on the rear of there cruisers.

    We have started a collection on the other forum to buy him a tire.....this is a good example of why you use motorcycle tires on motorcycles.
  2. So do I have to watch all 18 minutes of terrible motorcycling before something happens?

  3. I tried to watch that, but it was so f***ing boring I had to stop.
    How do people ride those bikes.

    Ugh. From what I did see, was that they couldn't stay in their lane.
  4. Thankfully nothing bad happens, so no you don't have to watch all of it to get the point.

    They were all over the road and could get over 55mph. These bikes from the factory could do much better but with a car tire on the rear, this was the best they could manage.....and they think there doing good.

  5. I speak from experience when I say that putting the right kind of car tire on a GL1800 works just fine, especially when towing a trailer. But that is not a Harley.
  6. The Guy filming was on a VXT1800.
  7. google going to the dark side this shit is old newz
  8. nothing wrong with going darkside on a long distance cruiser, especially popular with sidecar rigs.
  9. Easy to blame the tire for poor riding skills......
  10. Why cut the corners out? That's the whole point of riding on a stretch of road like that.
  11. If you listen, the bike with the camera is coasting through the corners. I wonder what would happen if he actually slowed to a suitable entry speed, then increased the throttle while going around the corner. It would stabilize the suspension and therefore increase the feeling of security for the rider. I've got a couple of friends who ride heavy rice-cruisers with car tires on the rear. Both of them know how to corner smoothly on their bikes and have nothing but praise for going with the car tire.

    So, poor riding to begin with doesn't really make a case for or against the car tire.
  12. The wall on the bridge says it all.
  13. :shock:
    What a bunch of :tard:s
  14. I crackup: at that part also.........

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2012
  15. there are several guys on the "concourse owners group" that have a conversion kit on their bikes. i rode 100 miles around st helens following one of them on my naked "connie" and never did he cross a line or slow me fact he was faster than me in some areas. (i never been there before).....long story short....we talked about it and he said that once you learn the difference in the handling characteristics!!! you can ride well outside the law but not as well as the machine is capable of riding...
  16. I couldn't watch the whole thing for the obvious seasons.
    I had to see what the "bridge" thing was about.
    Almost worth it. (Skip to 18:00)
  17. Not quite sure what the point of this video is other than watching some slow riders that can't even stay in their lane while riding and risking their safety in doing so.

    LAME! :angry7:
  18. The thread title over promised.

    The thread under delivered.
  19. My car has P225/45R18 tires. Can anyone recommend a motorcycle tire that would be a suitable sub?
  20. yawn...there will always be people who think - car tire costs $80 and lasts 40k miles so I should fit one on back of my bike. Somehow they don't think - harder rubber and handles even worse than bike tire that's worn squared off almost to cords.
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