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Discussion in 'Motorcycles' started by Helimek, May 16, 2012.

  1. I perform custom custom "naked" or "streetfighter" mods to include full electrical rewiring/re-routing to sportbikes with ugly fairings so if you want rid of your bike or want some mods done hit me up. Looking for 2004 and newer, clean title bikes.
  2. Oh, and I'm not a greedy asshole. I have a full time job so this is just something I do for fun. If you need help with something I'd be happy to lend a hand.
  3. How about a KLR650 2009'?
  4. FlyingFinn

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    KLR's are for going the long way around not for street fightin...

  5. I'm going to agree with Finn on this one...I'm not sure how much fun modifying a KLR would be. Fun bike though!
  6. Grantizzle

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    Modding a klr is a lot of fun.
  7. any pics of previous projects?
  8. i have a an 04 fz6, 15k miles commuting, looking to sell, $3k. half your work is done for you, already have straight bars/bar end mirrors/ascerbis headlight with HID's already, pc3 tuned, lowsided once at 15mph, so light scratches left side case cover and axle nut, clean title.
  9. I'm in Afghanistan right now but when I get back I'm going to upload the start-to-finish on the 05 1kRR you see in my avatar. It was a bone stock red bike when i picked it up. Neglected for several years on its side in the mud, mouse haven and all. I am currently working on a 600RR but no pics cuz its at my buddies house and its his. To be completely honest these are my first two complete mods and I love doing it. Almost enough to hang out and do them for some barley pops.
    I've been working on helicopters for over 15 years now so I have plenty of resources and with the new job plenty of time.
  10. AHHHHH that makes sense!

    Got any pics of your 1k around on the web?
  11. Sorry man, from what I've just read that bike hasn't been worth $3k for a couple of years. I'm looking for more "agressive" bikes that some would have once called beautiful. I think what made me feel the best on the CBR project was the look on my friends face (who also has a CBR) when I took the die grinder to the only perfect and undamaged fairing left on the bike.
  12. I could email you some???
  13. meh, its what they go for on craigslist and kbb value. moot point since you're not stateside yet anway. good luck over there, be safe.
  14. Thanks, I appreciate that!
  15. Do it, I'll put them up for you.. PM'd
  16. Avboden

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    pictures aren't big enough
  17. ha ha... WHORE!
  18. Oh and the bike above IS for sale as well. I havn't set a price yet but I have a number in mind. I'm open to realistic offers, otherwise I'll just keep riding it.
    2005 CBR1000RR with 5200 miles.
    Parts I've installed:
    -LSL Urban headlight
    -Saddlemen front/rear seat
    -LSL riser bar kit w/braded front brake lines
    -New 520 o-ring chain

    What I've modified:
    -All fairings except rear cut with new paint
    -radiator reservoir
    -full electrical rewire using aircraft quality wire/terminals
    -flapper mod

    No custom exhaust or power commander cuz lets just face it, this bike doesn't need it and the seller loses their ass in $ when it comes to aftermarket performance.
  19. If you're going to leave that stock exhaust on, why not remove the heat shield over the end of it? I saw an article about performance mods on this same year bike.. They cut the little tips off the front of the stock muffler, cored it, and removed the emissions garbage in the mid pipe. Smoothed out the power delivery and sounded amazing. It would also look better than that stock exhaust, which I was never a fan of. I have the stock exhaust off an 04 CBR1k if you want to practice it. lol..

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