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Zero motorcycles and the like.

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by ZaethDekar, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Has anyone test rode or in other was dealt with some. Of the electric motorcycles that have come out recently? I was just thinking that as a commuter they would work well, and you get a tax credit on it... But from what I can see they are still expensive.
  2. Funny! - We test rode the Zeros in Stevenson during Rallies in the Gorge this summer. Should have stopped by!
    Rode real nice and strong -VERY quiet. Felt like a bike of small displacement in handling not power. I think it would make a good commuting bike. Had no trouble with speed.
    They were also on display and available for test rides at Sound Rider's Wind Farm days in the spring.
    Find a test ride place and give it a try.



  3. I think it has to be built by union labor to qualify for a tax credit. If I were to buy one, I would make sure of that first.
  4. dscott3509

    dscott3509 Parts Collector

    Expensive, well, yes. Fun, yes. I had no problems reaching a speed that would earn me a performance award on the highway. Acceleration was not like my bike, but it dd not suck.
  5. Yeah, what they said. I'm short, so the Zero is bit of a stretch to the ground for me, otherwise much fun! It sort of felt like riding a DR or some other tall dual sport even though it was the S model.

    I'm waiting for the opportunity to ride the Brammo Empulse. I know of a guy who was recently hired to do final assembly and test ride on them. Lucky bugger!
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