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ZX10R Clutch Rattle?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by MMACK, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Just curious if any ZX10R owners have had this happen, Im leaving my house yesterday morning and I heard a rattle from the clutch case, only in 1st gear, and 2nd gear with the clutch released and cruising, only lasts until temp increases to 160, I usually let it warm up to 140 in nuetral before every trip. I let the bike sit for the day, and then it did it again on the way home from work, same thing, only in 1st, and 2nd and moving 1-30mph, this noise was never heard for the 1st 2k miles, so im a little concerned, is it time to replace the discs, or is this normal? The oil is full, and looks clear, idk what to do, any suggestions?:stir:
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  2. Per my personal experience with "Kawis" in particular ZX10R's, (now on my 3rd one) looks like is a common problem (w/clutches), however did you recently change your oil? how many miles you have on you're bike? Did you do any burnouts? Year? Model? More information will be appreciated! I have had problem's with my 2004 and 2006 related with oil issues. Tried different brands and Mobil1 Synthetic fixed the problem.... Though my 04' required a new clutch!

  3. Let it warm up more..?
  4. Its a 2007 zx10r special edition, I purchased it two months ago with 1100 miles on it, it sat under a cover / carport for almost 2 years, put a battery in it and it started right up, I immediately had the oil changed at I-90, and had a new rear tire installed, I run premium shell fuel, I have put 11 hundred miles on the bike in 2 months, mostly highway high speed commuting back and fourth to work, no stunting, no wheelies, but I have been a little aggressive fighting traffic :) I am wondering if this bike hates heavy clutch use in traffic through town, stop, go, stop, go stuff. I hate putting my foot down, and I use the clutch alot to balance low speed rolling to avoid having to stop, is this in/out use at low speeds hard on the clutch too?

    something that might be related, I noticed after I heard this sound, that riding the day before in really heavt traffic the bike was hotter than I usual (never got over 20mph for 8 plus miles) wasnt over heating, just really warm from traffic, could the heat from hot soaking maybe affect it?
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  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think this particular bike or any of its components (clutch included) were designed for heavy stop/go traffic... :scratchea
  6. Update: The oil was low, Its NOT leaking so it must be burning! I checked it warm last and It looked full, but im level ground and I can see its low, will top it off and see what gives!
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  7. On both my Busa's the clutch bolts had come loose. On my 01 it happened at around 27,000 miles and on my 09 at about 7,000 miles. What you are describing is exactly what my 09 was doing.
    Easy fix, if I can do it you can do it.
    Drain oil, pull clutch cover, and check clutch bolts. If loose pull one at a time (each bolt is actually 2 bolts one screwed into the other). Undo each set, clean them up, put some locktite on them, torque them back down to speck, and put clutch cover on. Done.
    Good luck.
  8. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Could also be a broken spring. Might be worth pulling the cover and have a look see.
  9. Could also be the key in the ignition. It rattles on the 06/07.
  10. Are you sure there is not a DUCK underneath your clutch cover???
    Sorry - had to...
  11. :secret:
  12. Is it the clutch rattling, or is it pinging from lugging it in 1st gear? They take some revving to get going, or they ping (pre-ignite) like a mother. Use Super unleaded and rev it more...see if it goes away.
  13. happened on my 06 r6 and happens on my duc.(wet clutch) think it just might be normal? I like that bolt idea tho
  14. I likey.....:mrgreen:

  15. Suzuki's don't need oil, right?

    Ok, OOPS, I forgot a step.
  16. It's not the key for sure, but the key rattle does bug me, I have not heard the clutch noise for the last 3 days, is there a fix for the key rattle?
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