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  1. As anyone here had any good luck with aftermarket brakes? Looking for ideas for new pads and rotors.

    The stock replacement parts are really expensive and my front rotors seemed to warp pretty fast.
  2. I replaced my warped front rotors with these. They're not inexpensive, but they work.
  3. Thanks.

    Are they close to the same weight of the stockers?
  4. The 14's warp the rotors frequently. many warranted claims and even on the 1400GTR Connie's.

    I did not want to pay top dollar for OEM only for it to happen again. I looked at Galfer, OEM and others and settled on Brake Techs. Over 50K miles and no warping issues. I tried many different brake pads also and came back to stock pads for the feel, and the durability.

    I currently have 59K on my ZX14, Brake techs and OEM pads are my choice.

    They do rattle a bit (they are true full floating rotors) in slow speed conditions when not under load. I have replaced the buttons once last year. Good brakes!!!

  5. Cool thanks. That is one brand I had an eye on.
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    EBC HH pads and Breaking SK series rotors.
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    Brake Tech Ferodo pads are amazing. Way better feel and stopping power than the EBC, a bit more expensive, but worth it IMO
  8. I've got over 62k miles on my bike, had it since new.... still running origional OEM rotors, not had any warping at all. Also use OEM pads (have replaced a couple times). Brakes work perfectly. No chatter or pulsation, even from higher speeds.

    When did you start to notice your rotors were warping??
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    The EBC HH pads and Braking SV rotors were something that Bill (SpeedGeek) runs on his 'Busa and recommends, since - if I remember right - he had a warping problem with his brakes as well. His busa is his track bike as well and ridden very hard.

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    You should just replace the calipers... and sell the OEM ones to me. :ninja:
  11. I warped mine in the 2-3k mile range. They still work fine but if I am going to replace them I would rather not have to put up with that for another 25k miles.
    I remember reading somewhere that Kawi corrected the problem but I cannot find that article anymore.
  12. Thanks for the input Buz.
  13. Haha the calipers and master Cylinder are the best parts of stock braking system.
  14. Mine were toast at 3300 miles, massive judder under any type of braking. I went with the Brake-Techs after so many 14 owners had issues, had them warranteed and the judder came back again and again, like I said even the new connies are having issues. In the 08-09-10 years at least.

    The BT's are expensive but they ship free!!!! At least mine did years ago.

    I have tried the EBC's (hate them) the Ferodo's (they crumble on the leading/trailing edges) and just went back to stock pads and that what I'll use till it dies!
  15. The EBC rotors appear to be about the same as the OEM rotors. However, the buttons are what are called SD, (square-drive internals). Rather than the button internal contact surfaces being circular, they have straight sides so the rotors are free to expand radially while still retaining full contact between the sides of the buttons and the rotors. Take a look at the description of the EBC rotors for a better explanation.
  16. Thanks to all for the inputs.

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