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zx14 turbo teaser

Discussion in 'Projects' started by gilberjj, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Picked up some new parts today.... however, it won't be finished for a long time. I'm a junkie for beautiful welds, and pretty exhaust peices.... I thought I would share some teaser shots.






  2. WOW!!! If the zx14 stock isnt fast enough ;)

    Look forward to seeing the progress on this!

    i like! and cant wait to see more work done!

  4. giggidy ...hurry up already! lol
  5. update: I'll probably be running a big 16g. Aiming for 300whp on 10ish psi.

    Walbro 255 fuel pump
    Rising rate fuel pressure regulator
    Lockup clutch
  6. it looks like you are using a subaru turbo?
  7. Yes, good eye. I bought an incomplete kit from Cycle Logic Motorsports, and for some reason they use ihi vf22s for their turbos.... :scratchea
    If it were up to me, it would be t3 flanged, but oh well...... So, I'll be using a 16,18 or 20g. Probably the big 16g to start. It should suffice for my modest goals.
  8. :ninja:
  9. Can't you cut the flange off & have a Garrett flange welded on?:scratchea
  10. Yes, I could do that, but garrett makes turbos for the subaru too. The disco potato (gt2871rs) is one of the most popular wrx upgrades out there. However, I'm just going to run a big 16g on my bike. You don't necessarily want lightening fast spool when you're on a bike, it just turns it into a unicycle..... or a rolling smoke show. In fact, I was thinking of ways to make the boost come on even softer (like drilling a small hole in the actuator flap). The big money bikes use a boost by gear setup, but I just bought a power commander multi function hub which will enable me to do timing control by gear. So, I'll be running the same boost in each gear, but power output will be limited in the lower gears. This is a drag race bike, so I have to find ways to get out of the hole without dying or going slow........ emphasis on not going slow.
  11. turbo is here....... :evil4:

    Mitsubishi big 16g :scared

    Shooting for 250 whp on pump, and 300 whp on race gas

    Still left to buy

    Lockup clutch
    walbro 255 lph fuel pump
    rising rate fuel pressure reg
    fuel lines
  12. so is this for drag racing?
  13. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Thanks for the laugh!

    Couldnt sell the 14 so screw it, More power :mfclap:
    Be sure and post up when you head to the strip!

    Still got mine. Sees the road race track occasionally, but still no burn outs or 1/4 mile.
    Still got that Tsugiki map you sent Me on file. Probably get around to installing it this winter.

    Have fun bro!
  14. I can't wait til you get this done! It's gonna be a lot of fun launching next to you and hearing a turbo too! I'm guessing it will look about the same though..... You at the end of the track, just when I hit the eighth mile mark.
  15. Going with a standard lock-up or are you going to get one of those fancy MTC/Hayes slider/lock-up convertible clutches?
  16. Ed Who?

    Ed Who? Banned Camp

    nice, looks fun.

    We have done a few ZX14 turbos. A few tips from what we have found if you want..

    1. they DONT like more than 5psi on stock pistons. (Ill post a pic of one running 7psi if you like :) )

    2. WATCH AFR! The 14 is a bit tricky and likes to creap up lean on boost.

    3. Watch for oil leaks. this will depend on system you use. we had one brand that really sucked, it would pressurize the airbox all wrong and just didnt work well...again it depends on the kit

    4. BIG INJECTORS...dont go small or oem

    5. The clutch. the lockup is a good choice. the oem one is WEAKKKKK as fxxk. even with a lockup be sure to use newer oem frictions and occasionally remove them and resoak, they dry out...then will slip.

    6. on ones we have built the oem engines up (stock size, just carrillo rods and good je forged turbo 8.5-9.0:1 pistons) on pump gas we see about 240rwhp and on race gas about 270rwhp. I am not brave enough to risk my customers $$ trying to hit 300. If they want that i tell them do a good engien build like pistons/rods/head work...that'll get 200rwhp..then add mild turbo of 60-70hp...then add a nice 25hp nos shot (this works wonders on a turbo bike) but its a vicsous cycle then..

    7. DONT forget the cooling system! I would do better hose clamps (pinch clamps work well) and add a bit higher 1.4bar rad water wetter.

    8. i would really make sure brakes and other stuff good too...simple things overlooked. GOOD 530 chain (the EK ZZZ iirc is the one) good brakes (lines/pads at a min) and good tires of course.

    Post up pics and details as you go, we just finished another 1400cc busa and are doing 75hp nos...but he has a 14 as well and said "hey wanna turbo it" haha..gotta love big bikes and big hp! best of luck man
  17. Yes

    MAYBE MTC multistage (still a hand clutch, but you set it up to just throw and it does the correct slippage everytime).

    Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to stick with the stock injectors for now on a big fuel pump and riseing rate fpr. I've seen as high as 380 whp on stock injectors at 100psi.
  18. Just picked up a Tial 38mm external wastegate :secret:

    This project is nearing completion.... OH BOY!!! :mfclap:
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