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zx600c tourer

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Vote4Missy, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. I have a 97 ninja zx600c, I am planning a trip in two months with my girlfriend from Seattle to las Vegas and cali and back. I already have a j&m cb/intercom on the bike. the bike has a fairly standard seating position. the only things I really am looking to make better for touring is a way to get a luggage rack and panners for it and a taller windshield for it.

    I have searched and searched for panners and a way to get a taller windshield and cant find anything. I am willing to modify things if I need to considering my plastics are all mangled anyways.

    any suggestions?

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  2. back when I had my 600...I just used soft luggage....(15 years ago).....trying to find anything for this model, even then, was a pain.......another option you may look into is having someone fabricate brackets for hard luggage....Givi makes hard bags that with some modification could work on the 600....good luck.

  3. I currently have soft bags but they sag and have no support, I know an alumanum fabricator (my land lord) and might have him help me make a bracket system. but my biggest concern is trying to get a windshield, I am thinking of finding a windshield I like and just screwing it to my current blacked out windshield, by the way it may look cool to have a blackout windshield but it is the most useless thing ever, I cant do anything about that pesky rain.
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  5. It looks to me like you could take off the grab rail and use some angle aluminum to fab a luggage rack..

    Also think about a throttle lock or cramp buster

    have fun
  6. If you're having brackets made you can use any set of bags you want, was going to suggest Vetter, but they seem to have gotten pricy. Still Ebay is full of people w/ moulded ABS for sale. Lots of used Gwing bags there too, lights + locks depending, any year/size.
  7. that wont fit my bike, my bike is not a zx-6, mine is the generation before that, all they have on that site is the stock windshield.
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