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ZZR600 Exhaust

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Nwcid, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Last year I bought an '08, ZZR600 with 1300 miles on it. I put about 10k on it last year and had a great time.

    One thing I dont like about the bike is the large ugly muffler. I was not able to justify the cost of a new one last year. Toward the end of the season I got hit and while functional there are uglies on the muffler and I can justify replacing it.

    I am not looking for shiny so that leaves me leaning toward Carbon Fiber and I do like that look. I want something that sounds good but I an not wanting obnoxiously loud as I commute on this bike and it is a 3 hr trip each way. I want a bolt on/slip on (what is the difference?) that I can do myself. While I am not afraid to spend some money on this I would like to stay under $500 if possible. If there is something way better for a little more money I am ok with that.

    Not sure what else to ask about this right now, so I will leave it at that. I will post a pic so you can see the bike as sometimes it helps to match stuff that way.

  2. I have the same bike and it is an excellent choice for a commuter as far as sport bikes are concerned. You can get a slip on for around 225-250 or so new. (theres not much choice for this bike model).....OR you can check ebay and swap out the head pipe for an 03-04 ZX6R head pipe and have a few more options for mufflers to go with it. I chopped my muffler (like a fool) and although it sounds good, the open header loudness is wearing on me, and im leaning towards a yoshi slip on. When you choose the mufler you want u can swap it out in about 5 minutes. (3 bolts on the muffler and one on the support/peg) Also when you search u can search for a 2000-2002 zx6r for parts and such as it's the same bike, theres many more parts available for that name than the zzr name. hope this helps.

  3. nos love has some great advice.. I would also recommend searching google for the 00-02 6R parts...

    generally speaking the slip on is going to be your best bet.. cheap and a monkey can do the install in 5-10 minutes.

    dont chop your current pipe, its DIRT cheap to do but it gets loud...
  4. I had two ZZRs and another 98 ZX6R which uses the exact same slip/bolt-on exhaust pipes.

    The silver ZZR you see in the picture had a Full D&D exhaust system, meaning that everything was replaced from the headers out. It also had bigger jet kit to accomodate the new exhaust, because the stock jets were keeping it too lean. The bike was great on the track and did power wheelies in 2nd gear. I would not recommend it for commuting because of its loudness.

    The blue ZZR had a Scorpion bolt-on. It had a very nice sound, deep but not overwhelmingly loud. I think Scorpion also had a discounted replacement program should their exhaust gets damaged for whatever reason.

    The ZX6R had Titanium (not shiny) Acrapovich bolt-on which is probably my favourite bolt-on pipe for that bike (ZZRs, 98-02 ZX6Rs).

    You can install the bolt-on yourself (it's just 4 bolts and 1 bracket bolt). You can also install a full system yourself - more work but not terrybly complicated. If you put a bolt-on, you should be fine with the stock jets but they might need adjusting to richen the mixture a little. You will definetely have to change the jets if you go with a full system.

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  5. Thanks for the help so far. I do have a shop and mechanical know how.

    So do I understand this right, a "bolt on" is usually a full exhaust system that you can easily do at home and a "slip on" just a muffler?

    Even though I am capable of doing a full system at home I don't think it is what I want or need for my use. I want it partly for aesthetics and partly for sound. So I dotn want to just go out and buy the cheapest black muffler I can. I want something that looks decent, sounds decent and will last as I am hoping to keep this bike for at least the next 5-10 years.

    Tunus you said Scorpion has a replacement program but does that cover someone hitting you :shock:
  6. Supertrapp ftmfw!

    Love the way a bike sounds through 'trapps!
    Had 'em on my RZ350 and again on my Interceptor, great performance, tuneability and they look badass.
  7. Been looking at lots of sites and reviews.

    I like the looks of the Two Brothers Carbon Fiber exhaust, and seem to have a reasonable price. Any thoughts on those?
  8. my thought is they are nice and i wouldnt be opposed to running one if the price was right. say uuh ol buddy ol pal, whatch a doing with your stock muffler when u switch them out?
  9. You said I should be able to get into a muffler for $250 but all the Carbon Fiber stuff I have see starts about $400, am I missing something?

    Well just keep in mind the stock muffler has some damage to it, but is functional. IF I get a new muffler I am not sure what I should do with the old one :scratchea What would you do if you had a muffler you weren't using :mrgreen:

    I assume you are interested in it. If so drop me an email, not PM, with the title ZZR600 Exhaust so I can easily find it in my email. I have no idea what they are worth but I am sure we can work something out. To make it really easy on you I can easily get it to Yakima and I know people that live in your area that can get it down to you. It will be at least a month before I do any of this and when I get time I will take pics to send to you.
  10. sorry i must have missed the part that u wanted a carbon muffler, ive always been partial to the aluminum or stainless look and that where i pulled my price from, sorry about that. naturally the carbon will cost more due to material cost. can you PM me your email and i shall send you an email and continue our chat there.
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  11. "Bolt-on" usually refers to the muffler part only and means that you can bolt the aftermarket muffler to the stock location with the stock bolts. Some bikes don't use bolts because the muffler slips over the header pipe and a clamp is used (along with srings sometimes) to secure the muffler to the pipe - hence the name "slip-on". Both Bolt-ons and slip-ons should be easy installs because they are designed to work with your stock setup - bolts or clamp.

    I heard their discounted replacement program covers damage regarless of the cause. I guess their thinking is that you will need a new muffler anyway so might as well offer you a discount to capture your business. I never really confirmed this but should be easy enough to find out.
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