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I Ride: 94 VFR750, RC51, 1976 RD400 cafe, 74 Suzuki GT250
I had a great time Saturday riding for the first time with MotoFit, Rob and Kara run a great trackday and the positive attitude and pretty laid back vibe to the advanced group is always a plus. The CR's were fast and were definitely out there to help and simply be a presence versus the "cop" vibe.

I was out there on the other supermoto (Dmitry and I were the only SM's out there), the orange one, and I had brought warmers and a cord, but the warmers ended up not working out because there wasnt power. I didnt have a generator so had to take 'er easy for the first lap. My outlaps were roughly 2:10-2:12, and I was lucky to have Eric May take some video of me riding and it looks like I knocked off a 1:59 in the last lap of a 3 lap video that he took. I hope to be back for sure and try CWW. I hear its a little faster

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