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FYI Pics are up for viewing @

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Originally Posted by Gotama View Post
what happen to Rick ?
Rick had an over inflated front tire (both actually) after a tire swap; the tire got greasy at the end of the first session and he broke everything he just fixed... Just to be clear, I consider the responsibility of checking the tire pressure after a tire swap mine so don't misunderstand this... I failed and will be paying for it.

Just a quick note for the new kids: Don't take anything the experienced riders tell you for granted; it is ALL important.

Anyway, he saw an orthopedic surgeon today and got pics taken; no broken bones but that wasn't much of a surprise. Off to see the MR machine tomorrow but if everything goes okay it will just be some PT and back on the road.

The bike is a different story... It idled on its side for over 2 minutes; likely it needs bearings replaced and there is at least $1.5K in just plastic, levers, and a foot peg.

Wouldn't it be great if... bikes could heal like humans? A little PT and they are all better with minimal scarring...

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