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I Ride: 2008 R6 Race Bike - #52 - And whatever's in the shop!
Extra Generator/Warmers for the Ridge - OPRT - Sully - WMRRA 7/12-15

I've got an extra generator for the 13-15.

Powers 2 Warmers guaranteed, never tried 3, but it would probably do it.
3500w with 4 plugs - it's pretty quiet at 71db, but we throw it behind the car, and it deflects the sound.

Runs about 4-5 gallons of gas, max for 2 sets continuous.

I'll also have 1 extra space on my generator the 14/15 for Races.

I also have a few extra sets of warmers if anyone needs any.

2 Chicken Hawk Sets,
-1 triple temp, 1 single temp.
1 Moto D Dual temp set.
1 no-name set, but they work great.

Let me know if you need anything!

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