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Originally Posted by dwschultzy View Post
Werd! Does one $2500 track school and we have a local resident expert now! woot!

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Originally Posted by dwschultzy View Post
Mike, you'll be more than fine with your times. The real question is, what do you plan on racing with?
Werd Mike - don't worry one bit about your speed, you got plenty of that. Just gotta get on a proper sport bike one of these days!

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Originally Posted by ZREX MIKE View Post
Thanks Vaidas. We met at the OPRT trackday last week and the racing bug keeps crawling back into my head.
O ya i remember you know, didnt know your avatar, Mike you are plenty fast, i told you last time just by following you on that one session i dropped my lap times, we where doing .54's steady so you good and dont worry about your bike, i think its cool looking and still have enough punch, that bike would be advantige for you, like a distraction for the competition, it would take them few sec's to undestand what happened, that they where passed buy clasic bike and by that time you are gone . What comes to racing you already know you gonna do it, in a year, two, or three so why wait.
FYI: i love that pic looks bad ass

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